Blinkx Video Search Index - 18 Million Hours

Blinkx Video Search Index   18 Million Hours

Blinkx sure does do a great job with their PR. Seems like every day there is a new post or press release with their founder and CEO praising them as the largest video search engine. Just an observation.

I found a very interesting post and interview with's CEO on Investors Business Daily titled, "To Watch All Blinkx's Video Would Take 18 Million Hours"

Here is an exerpt from the interview with Suranga Chandratillake and Brian Deagon:

"IBD: How much video is on the Internet today?

Chandratillake: Nobody knows for sure, but the growth rate is certainly explosive. We search the Web for video, using speech recognition and visual analysis, and then index the data. At the end of 2006, we had indexed around 3 to 4 million hours of video. By April, that had grown to 7 million hours, and we're now at 18 million. We believe we have the single largest index of all video on the Web, but even we don't think we have all of it. It could only be half of what's out there."

Article here

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