blinkx Launches Universal Online TV Remote - Beta

blinkx Launches Universal Online TV Remote   Betablinkx, the world's largest and most advanced video search engine, today announced the launch of its latest blinkx Remote service, the ultimate tool for finding and watching TV episodes on the Web. blinkx Remote provides users with a way to find their favourite TV shows from any channel with online content, including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and more.

Online video is no longer solely the domain of skateboarding kittens and the odd clip of David Brent dancing. Viewers can now watch full episodes of their favorite television shows when it suits them, without worrying about the link cutting out halfway through. All this choice does, however, present the problem of how to find what you want to watch, blinkx Remote is designed to help you do just that.

"The online video landscape has changed dramatically over the past year - what was once the domain of short-form, user-generated material, has become the realm of premium television," said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx. "It's a tremendous source of news and entertainment for consumers, but the content is spread across myriad sites belonging to national broadcasters and media giants. blinkx Remote uses our award-winning video search technology to help consumers find their favorite TV shows quickly, easily and in one place."

Leveraging blinkx's patented video search technology, blinkx Remote filters out video spam, illegal clips, and inappropriate material that has been falsely tagged, to deliver the highest quality user experience. Audiences will find only full length, legally available, episodes of their favourite TV programmes through blinkx Remote, and will be able to sign up to receive alerts when a new show is posted through RSS or email.
blinkx Remote will be available for U.K. audiences at commencing July 30th, 2008. A version of the product for the U.S. market is upcoming.

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  • Anirudh Sharma

    a good way of accesing tv but it can be miss used