Blinkx Private-Label Video Search Services

Blinkx Private Label Video Search ServicesVideo search engine blinkx is the latest video search platform to join the recent trend of video search engine companies who have launched private-label video search services and offerings (Truveo, Youtube, Pixsy, etc..).

The new service, dubbed "Red Label," will allow other websites to utilize blinkx video search technology to provide a complete video search experience for their users.  The service is actually one that blinkx already offers to more than 40 current partners, like AOL, Lycos, and Looksmart.

This new business model means that blinkx will no longer need to focus completely on becoming a destination site for video search.  We know that the major search engines are already capturing a large majority of video search audience and it would likely be an up-hill battle to become the dominant player, beating out recognized search brands like Google and Yahoo.

Through new private-label offerings, blinkx will be able to capitalize on additional exposure it will provide to its advertisers.  Currently, blinkx states that they have indexed 26 million hours of premium video content.  The Red Label service is free of charge and ad revenue will be split between Blinkx and each site.

"If you have fewer than 10,000 searches per day, you can have access for free. If you have more than 10,000, we ask you to monetize it and share with us," said Chief Executive and founder Suranga Chandratillake.

The offer 2 options:

  • A hosted video search solution where revenue that is generated from blinkx's Red Label advertisers will be shared between the site and blinkx.
  • An XML api solution that lets sites configure video search results as they desire.

To learn more about the offering, you can visit their site, or the click here for a pdf about Red Label

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