blinkx Launches Automated Video Metadata Enrichment Service for Publishers

blinkx Launches Automated Video Metadata Enrichment Service for Publishersblinkx, the world's largest video search engine, today announced the availability of an Enhanced Metadata Enrichment solution for publishers, as part of the blinkx Advanced Media Platform. Based on technology that was perfected over 12 years at Cambridge University and is protected by 111 patents, the blinkx Advanced Media Platform enables media publishers and aggregators to manage and monetize video content to its greatest potential.

With the proliferation of broadband and access devices, media companies with video assets are finding myriad opportunities to capitalize on their content, but one of the most significant challenges they face in monetizing it, is ensuring that their video is supported by accurate, consistent metadata. Ideally, this metadata is plentiful, detailed and reflects a clear conceptual understanding of the digital asset, which makes the videos easier to find, and therefore increases traffic and the potential for monetization. Unfortunately, however, creating metadata is often a manual process that is both time-consuming and expensive.

In response to this need, blinkx has introduced Enhanced Metadata Enrichment as part of its revolutionary Advanced Media Platform. The Advanced Media Platform works to automate the capturing, encoding and indexing of rich media content. Unlike other solutions, blinkx truly understands rich media, performing speech recognition, visual and conceptual analysis processes with pinpoint accuracy. Because blinkx understands not only how a video is titled or tagged, but actual content and concepts within the video itself, it can create more complete and accurate metadata, in greater quantities, than any other solution available today.

"An Enhanced Metadata Enrichment solution does more than just help publishers and content owners better 'tag' their videos," said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, blinkx. "The information derived from the video using our Enhanced Metadata Enrichment can help them with a host of challenges, including improved video SEO, enhanced relevance for site search, and providing distribution partners with consistent information on the videos. Ultimately, the greater the search- and discover-ability of videos, the greater the opportunity for monetization."

blinkx's Enhanced Metadata Enrichment automatically creates a comprehensive range of metadata in real-time, including a full transcription of the audio stream. The process begins by automatically creating a time-stamped transcript of each video. blinkx's conceptual analysis is then applied to the transcript to automatically produce other key data packets from the video; a synopsis (or summary), and conceptual-keywords. All of these elements can be added as components for the metadata, and saved to each digital asset.

In addition, blinkx Enhanced Metadata Enrichment allows editorial input and control of the metadata after it has been automatically generated. As a result, the solution offers the scalability and cost effectiveness of an automated system, while maintaining the ability for editorial input providing the ability to create the most relevant metadata and user experience.

A number of publishers have already taken advantage of blinkx's automated Enhanced Metadata Enrichment solution, including Conde Nast's, Kiplinger, and

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