Bits On The Run Updates Video CMS Services and Site

Bits On The Run Updates Video CMS Services and SiteBits on the Run has been doing some work to update their service. After about a year it seems like they've got over 10,000 users now and a goodly amount of video to serve up. In order to serve that video up around the planet without problems they've teamed up with BitGravity CDN (content delivery network). Their presence at dozens of datacenters around the world ensures Bits on the Run users that their video will always be delivered instantly and swiftly, no matter where the audience is located.

They are currently migrating all of their (paid) users to BitGravity. No URL changes will need to be made it's said.

Now in HD

By popular demand, they have added an HD conversion template. This template is 1280px wide ("720p" in broadcasting terms) and will give user an online video experience when viewed full-screen.

They also inserted the ability for users to select which conversion to stream with a specific player. To date, this was decided "automagically" by the videoplayer, which chose the conversion closest to its own size. Now you can choose this yourselves in the "Embed codes" form of a video.

New embed codes would be needed to use this but you can get them from the site.

New public website

A new, much improved public website has also gone live. It includes a support forum, updated frequently asked questions and a string of new tutorials. You'll also find a roadmap which lists the new features we are currently working on. For developers, we have included full references of both our System API and Player API.

Custom payment plans

They have also changed some payment options. In the regular plans users have a hard traffic limit. This means that your video's are switched off after you hit your traffic limit. You can then choose to upgrade or choose to wait until your traffic limit is reset at the start of a new calendar month. This hard limit is very good for keeping your costs under control, but they are not so good for making sure you're video's are always showing. They've now introduced the custom plan, which has no hard traffic limit. The custom plan was initially designed for customers using over 1TB of traffic per month and is now available to everyone.

Other differences include - the billing cycle. A regular plan is billed monthly and a custom plan is billed per quarter. The second is the available payment methods. A regular plan can only be paid for by credit card while the custom plan can be paid for with Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

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  • WillyJoe

    I've tested "Bits on the Run" and really like the streaming speed and quality, the ability to set my thumbnail to ANY frame I want, and their ease of use.

    My only question is competing with YouTube for video SEO and SERP.

    If I upload and optimize in YouTube, I can get a video to show up in the top five listings of the Google SERP for a related search term.

    Is it possible to serve up videos on a web site as unique content (No other sites can post my videos like they can utilizing YouTube) and have Google index them for SEO when using "Bits on the Run" for hosting?

    • Mark Robertson

      Yes, however, it may be more difficult to obtain top 5 rankings in the serps for it. Depends on the authority of your own website PR, etc...