Bits On The Run Restructures OVP Pricing

Stating in August the online video management service will implement a new pay-as-you-go form of pricing. This is the first overhaul of their pricing since their inception. Find out all the details within (it's a bit confusing).

Bits On The Run Restructures OVP PricingBits on the run has been transforming their service for some time now. They have finally got around to changing their pricing plans and will implement the changes next month with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Formerly the only pricing options were monthly subscriptions that ranged in price from Trial for 1GB/month (free) to Marathon which was 1000GB for 500 € per month.

The new pricing schedule, which is set to go live in August, will have users paying for content and bandwidth in a more flexible and totally different way.

You can purchase two services: content and traffic. Both are measured per Gigabyte (GB):

  • Content covers all costs of the platform (CMS, API, Player, Content-serving), along with new feature developments. It is charged over the total filesize of your video library.
  • Traffic covers all the costs for transcoding and the delivery of videos. It is charged over the filesize of video uploads and streams.

Is this a better system? Well it might be slightly more confusing but in the end they say it will be cheaper and that 95% of their clients will benefit and save money in the long run. Trial accounts will automatically be changed to the new systems and receive 1GB/month free. when that limit is hit you'll have to pay to keep your account active there.

What are the new prices?
Tiered pricing means the more you purchase, the cheaper the rates.

1 - 10 GB€ 3.49 /month€ 1.39
10 - 25 GB€ 2.99 /month€ 1.19
25 - 100 GB€ 2.49 /month€ 0.99
100 -250 GB€ 1.99 /month€ 0.79
250 - 1000 GB€ 1.49 /month€ 0.59
over 1000 GBContact themContact them

Content is charged like this: for €3.49, you can buy 1 GB/month of content. With it, you can either manage 1 GB of videos for one month, 100 MB of videos for 10 months or 30 GB of videos for one day. In the CMS, you will see your content balance diminish slightly every day.

10GB a month for 3.49 € (roughly $5) isn't so bad. It's a strange pricing plan to say the least and there seems to be no reason to pay more even if you have less content to manage. It also seems like you're paying the Traffic rate for every stream? We'll need to get some clarification from Bits on the Run in that regard but it seems like if you buy Content you're just paying for video storage and management and then Traffic is extra even though it states that "content-serving" is included in the Content price...

Hey BitR, give us the low-down would you? Our readers are eager to know I'm sure.

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  • Jeroen Wijering

    OK, it works like this: the content fee is basically the charge for using our platform (storage, management, analytics, api, videoplayers, etc). The bigger your video library, the more gigabytes of content you have to buy. Of course we offer volume discounts; I think our ranges (lowest tier is ~ 40% of the highest tier) are overall pretty dense.

    As to the traffic fee, this is indeed extra and charged for the bandwidth you stream. It covers our transcoding and content delivery costs (as opposed to the storage, which is an error in our newsletter).

    We chose to charge for both content and traffic, since we have both clients that stream huge amounts over a few videos and clients that stream next to nothing and use our system for transcoding, backup or internal communication purposes. With this pricing plan, you pay for what you use, instead of having either system usage or bandwidth ceilings.

    • ChristophorRick

      Hello Jeroen,

      Thanks for the quick reply and the clarification, ReelSEO and our readers appreciate you taking the time to clear that up for us.