BitGravity Launches An API for High-Definition Web Video

BitGravity Launches An API for High Definition Web VideoBitGravity, Inc., a leading provider of next-generation Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for interactive broadcasting, today announced the new release of its patent-pending Advanced Progressive(TM) application programming interface (API), which provides extensive control over progressive downloads within Flash. This new API enables developers to inject advertising, automatically adjust bitrates, add virtual clips and other additional advanced features into their H.264- and FLV-encoded video, unlocking the ability to create affordable and scalable interactive HD video applications for the first time.

BitGravity's CDN was engineered to enable a new wave of HD, live and interactive content on the Internet. This update of the Advanced Progressive(TM) API for BitGravity's Distributed Origin-based content delivery platform is additional testament to the company's commitment to innovation and leadership in Internet video. With the Advanced Progressive(TM) API, BitGravity customers can add a variety of advanced features to FLV- and H.264-encoded video, including:
  • enabling auto bitrate adjustment between series of encoded videos
  • seeking to any portion of video by time code without having to download an entire file
  • showing select scenes from a larger video
  • creating start and stop points
  • allowing time-range requests
  • synchronizing videos from time codes and delivering bandwidth control.
BitGravity offers a library of source code that makes it easy for customers to use the Advanced Progressive(TM) API and introduce feature-rich interactive video applications. H.264 streaming with Advanced Progressive(TM) is a new option with BitGravity's content delivery service.
"With the move toward high-definition video and the demand for advanced feature sets, successful content delivery networks must have rich APIs capable of supporting customers with cutting-edge interactive video applications," said Dan Golding, Vice President and Research Director with Tier1 Research. "In a market prone to commoditization, innovation and the embrace of new technologies are the true differentiators between providers."
"From inception, our service was intended for interactive, fast-loading, HD content delivery across the mainstream Internet, and this new release of our Advanced Progressive(TM) API with H.264 support is another milestone in keeping with this original vision," said Barrett Lyon, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and co-founder of BitGravity. "We will continue to enhance the API as necessary to expand our customers' capabilities and options for affordably creating compelling interactive video applications for large-scale audiences."
To view BitGravity's H.264 Advanced Progressive technology, visit
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  • John Piper

    Nifty, it is interesting that smaller, what would seem to be more efficient companies like BitGravity are improving video delivery this way. Maybe the big guys are busy worrying about all their aging servers, or their stock price to focus on innovation. I'm sorry to be negative on the bign's, but I keep on seeing innovation from the newer CDN's and yet, the larger companies continue to pick the big guys, for they are the only names they know. BitGravity may have found a good middle ground with their partnership with TATA Communications...