Bing are giving their video search results a much needed makeover and users of the site will find larger video thumbnails, extra search filters and pop out hover previews part of the new package. In an announcement via their blog, the company promised the new streamlined navigation would lead to a better browsing experience for the video content it pulls in via YouTube and Vimeo as well as from Dailymotion, Hulu, Vevo, CBS, MTV and MSN amongst others.

Bing wants to provide a "completely re-imagined search experience" for video so let's take a look at some of the new upgrades:

Improved Navigation and Video Overlay Features

The new video overlay tweak allows users to multitask by continuing to browse through their search results whilst currently watching a video. Bing have also introduced a side bar of 'related videos' to provide the user with more relevant results.

Larger Video Thumbnails For Easier Recognition

New larger thumbnails should make it much easier for users to scan through videos until they find the one they want.

Pop-out Hover Previews Keep Users On Bing Longer

Rather than take you off site to see whether the video you have chosen is the one you want, the new pop out hover preview allows you to see just that. Bing have provided much more information regarding the video (favicons from the top sites, descriptions, view counts etc). There is also a new volume control feature.
Bing Video Search Gets Fancy New Features For A Better User Experience  new bing video search 606x277

New Search Filters

New video search filters allow users to sort content by date, length, source and resolution.

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Let us know what you think about the new redesign in the comments. Has it made the search process any easier for you?

  • Richie Dood

    they promised new video search but you can't search for videos from the home page?

  • Rant Rowell

    Aside from their "Money" category (with MSN Money as their obvious content partner), Bing doesn't appear to have a focus on business-related videos, like for tech and IT. Even when you go to their Video Site Map, you only find a "Your Money" as the only other potential business content, and even that link points to a completely barren page.

    It gets even worse when you click on the "Browse All Money" link -- No videos at all show up for the "Small Business" category. Granted, you can find some good content when you go to the brand categories for Bloomberg, CNBC, and But you can't do a filtered video search for content type or brand type within the Bing Video Search. This is where an advanced video search would have really come in handy.

    I like what Bing has done with their UX updates, but part of the user experience must also consider the business audience. So until they improve on that, Bing just aint' my thing.