"Beyond Metadata" Video Search and SEO w/ Stephen Baker

Beyond Metadata Video Search and SEO w/ Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker, CRO of EveryZing.com, presents "Beyond Metadata; Plugging Multimedia into the Search Economy," at the Video Search Summit in San Francisco, CA. Stephen discusses video search optimization, speech to text technology, and online video monetization. Stephen also talks about how Everyzing is using speech-to-text to drive video discovery for infotainment related video content.

  • Discover how to make your video visible to the major search engines and increase the organic traffic to your site
  • Learn how new speech to text innovations enable video clips to be robustly indexed increasing discoverability by Web search engines and in turn, increasing your online viewers
  • Find out how to improve the relevance and accuracy of your Video Search results by using full text transcripts to provide key word search for video online and jump to the point in the file where the word is spoken
  • Tap contextual advertising revenue streams with your multimedia assets by exposing the text from your videos to advertising programs such as Google AdSense and Quigo.

Beyond Metadata - Part 1)

Beyond Metadata - Part 2)

Beyond Metadata - Part 3)

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