Reuters Beta Video Search With Facial Recognition Technology

Have you heard about Viewdle?  A recent post on techcrunch reviewed this interesting video search technology company.  Viewdle was one of the companies that was selected to participate in the Techcrunch 40 Conference.

So, it turns out that Reuters Video is now beta testing Viewdle's facial recognition technology to power their new video search engine.  You can acces this and other interesting search technologies that they are working on at Reuter's Labs.  Reuter's Context Video Ads lets you view videos that have contextually based adveritsing appear based off the words are spoken in the video.  They are testing this using  Scanscout's contextual video advertising technology as mentioned in our previous post.

Viewdle's technology, dubbed by Reuters as, "Face Search," allows Reuters to identify people that appear within their indexed videos regardless of whether or not the video contains meta data mentioning the person.  As you would guess, Reuters has a ton of videos, but these videos were not all created for the web and many do not have descriptions or meta data which includes any of the people that appear in their footage.  Using facial recognition will make it much easier to serve relevant results for searches for videos featuring people which is clearly important for a news or entertainment related video content.

Here is a screenshot of a search that I did for "Brad Pitt" and the results.

Reuters Beta Video Search With Facial Recognition Technology

Once you find a video matching your selected person's name, you will see that when you play the video, a white box hovers around the face of that person to show you where they occur in the video.  Underneath the player itself, you will see additional names of people that appear in the video and were not part of your search as well as locations on the video where they occur.

Unfortunately, the search engine is only as good as the content that it indexed…  Reuters, unfortunately only serves results from their own video collections and as of right now, they claim to have 610 hours of indexed video content.   If you perform the same search for "Michael Jackson," you will find the following result:

Reuters Beta Video Search With Facial Recognition Technology

Not the same michael Jackson that I was looking for, and no results anyways….  Dont ask why Michael Jackson, it just popped in my head.

In any case, we will certainly keep our eye out for this one.   Any thoughts?

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