For this week’s Creator’s Tip episode, we talked with Megan O’Neill, video enthusiast and writer for SocialTimes, about why it’s important to keep up with all that happening in the fast moving world of online video as well as what sources she uses to stay informed and up-to-date with all the latest trends and updates at YouTube.

ReelSEO: How do you keep up with online video news, trends, updates, etc....?

Megan: Some of the best sources for finding out about changes at YouTube come from YouTube itself:

For more objective information and deeper insight, I use as a resource (YIPEE), and articles from Peter Kafka at AllThingsD.

ReelSEO:  Why is it important that we keep up with that stuff in the first place?  What are some of the ideas and why we should we be paying attention to it?

Megan:  YouTube’s algorithm is changing all the time and they’re adding new features.  If you don’t keep with it, then you might start losing views and not understand why.  There also may be some new feature that comes out that would help you get more views or help your videos become more discoverable.

QUESTION: What sources (other than do you suggest for keeping up with online video and in particular, YouTube changes and updates?

Here's some additional sources we would recommend: