If you're anything like me, you've had a rough week. You were sick, and fell behind on your work, and you could really use a pick me up before jumping into the last day of the work week. If so, you've come to the right place, and we have just the prescription for that particular malady: the week's best viral videos. Take these videos and see if you don't start feeling a little better in no time.

Incredible Feats

The first video in our round up this week is incredible and hard to believe. A paraglider in the Himalayas, just soaring along over the mountains and minding his own business, has a frightening run-in with a pair of eagles (actual event happens about 30 seconds in). It doesn't end there, though, as the bird tags along all the way to the ground:

I watch a lot of action shows on television. Police shows, military shows, spy shows... I like action. And this week, we got a great bit of action involving officers intentionally wrecking their vehicle into the wing of a plane that is moving and trying to take off... and not one bit of it is fiction. It's all real, filmed COPS-style, and it's pretty intense:

I'm not sure the player intended for this to happen, but here's the world record for the longest headed goal in soccer, shot from 58 meters away:

Here's another late entry into the clever Halloween costume contest--a giant bullet hole, courtesy of an iPad:

Odds & Ends

Radio may not be as popular a medium as it once was, but it still succeeds even in today's technological world primarily because of the captive audiences of commuters stuck in their cars. And this one, one local radio commercial broke through from the airwaves to the Internet, scoring tons of views on its way, and it's all because of some very outspoken political views voiced by one advertiser:

Cats were back on the viral radar this week--not that they ever really disappear from it--with another spastic response to a laser pointer:

Conan O'Brien has always had an above-average grasp on what makes viral audiences tick. And he proved it this week with two separate bits from his show that, once uploaded to YouTube, became almost instant hits. Like the skit of Conan delivering Chinese food:

And then he scored another hit yesterday with a compilation video of the media's reaction to his recent announcement he'd perform a same-sex marriage on his show:

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Get Low, a rap and hip-hop song, as covered by a bunch of non-rapping, heavy-harmony white kids (Warning: language):

Oh yeah, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention this again: Life In A Day--the entire film--is now on YouTube... for free. Oh, and it's excellent:


It's got to be a good time to be a science teacher, I have to believe. Online video allows for stories to be told--and shown, often in slow-motion and high definition--that older generations never got to see. This week, a handful of science-based videos made our viral video round up, by demonstrating the power video has to promote education.

We also saw "How to break the speed of light," a fun backyard experiment from Minute Physics:

Vsauce had maybe my favorite video of the week: How Much Does The Internet Weigh? The video is informative, the host is engaging, and the information is presented in a fun and entertaining way. Great work... no wonder it has half a million views:

NPR is mostly known for radio programming, but their online video stuff is actually pretty outstanding too. Just check out this awesome and innovative look at how the world's population got so big so fast:


Last week we gave you a couple impressive viral trailers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This week, it's time for the official Battlefield 3 launch trailer:

The fact that they've made a 4th Mission Impossible film might make you groan at first, until you realize that it's directed by the guy who made Iron Giant and The Incredibles-two of my favorite films. And while this is his first foray into live action, I'm still very optimistic. Here's the latest trailer, with an introduction from the director himself, Brad Bird:

A TV show from my youth, 21 Jump Street, is getting a big screen reboot starring Jonah Hill. And just in case you thought they might tone down the violence and language from other Hill films, they put out a Red Band trailer to prove you wrong:

Honorable Mention

till hungry for more video? Lucky for you, I brought a few extras: