The single most-talked-about online video topic all week long was the capture and death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In fact, if you merely browse YouTube by "most viewed this week," nearly every other video will be Gaddafi-related. I'm not interested in covering ground the major news channels have already explored (or in grossing people out with dead body videos), so our selection today will have a decidedly less gruesome tone. For most of you, that'll be a good thing.

Let's get to the videos.


Seems like I can't even go one week lately without featuring a couple of trailers in this viral video round up. And there's a good reason for that: audiences freaking love trailers.

This week, as usual, there were a handful of trailers that saw great social media action that drove views in big ways. Like the Call of Duty 3 official launch trailer, which was pretty much destined to go viral the second it hit the web. It's one of the most anticipated games ever, and honestly... it looks pretty great:

The same brand (Call of Duty 3) scored more than one viral hit this week by mixing up clips and game footage with traditional trailers. Here's a look at the game's "Strike Packages":

The Muppets scored yet another viral hit with yet another parody trailer--this one's the last parody trailer, according to them, and it spoofs several other films all at once. If you've enjoyed any of the other Muppet videos and trailers this year, you'll like this one too:

Shark Pool is apparently not a real movie, but it probably could be. The fake trailer spoofs today's over-the-top schlocky horror films in hilarious ways:

Brands & Music Videos

Microsoft's Vision of the Future is pretty awesome. It's brand new, and thus not quite viral yet, but it will be, simply because the amazing technology teased in the clip is in our very, very near future:

The Black Keys are a band... and a brand... and judging by this goofy-but-fun music video for their first single, I'd say they understand this online video thing pretty well:

Another music video getting some buzz this week is from singer Ed Sheeran. It could be because people like his voice, or his songwriting... and maybe they do. But the real reason for this video's viral rise is clearly the fact that it stars Harry Potter's Rupert Grint:

YouTube & Vimeo User Gems

A lot of people are finding their niche thanks to online video, getting the word out on their talents or opinions, racking up fans, and making money (in some cases... serious money). And more and more are joining in the fun every day, setting up YouTube or Vimeo accounts and beginning their video sharing journey. They're inspired every week by the current crop of top YouTubers like Epic Meal Time or Mystery Guitar Man. For this "User Gems" category, we'll take a look at some of the best videos this week from already-proven creators who have obviously still got it.

Freddie Wong still has it. Never lost it, actually. It's almost as though Freddie got an extra helping on the day they handed out creativity and talent. This week, he's making headlines and scoring new fans with a viral hit called Battlefield 4 Trailer, another of his patented takes on what the future of video games might look like:

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Vimeo user Benjamin Dowie impressed a lot of people with his recent short film on the life of a South Australian glass blower. It's only got about 8,000 views right now, but it's also only three days old. Besides, it's great, so check it out:

You've probably heard of Improv Everywhere before. They're the U.S. group that goes around staging spontaneous public experiments and performances (some would call them flash mobs). Well, this week, it was time for our funny neighbors to the North to have a turn in the Improv spotlight, as Improv Toronto scored a huge hit with their hilarious take on ninjas:

Chris Bryan is another Vimeo user wowing with great photography this week, in Phantom Water Edit:

We've written about the YouTube account for C.G.P. Grey before, when their video explaining copyright law had some buzz to it. Now they're back with another explanation video, this time for Daylight Savings Time:

Devin Super Tramp is the YouTube channel for a cinematographer that enjoys sharing videos on YouTube on the side. This week's video? Smashing Pumpkins... literally... at 1000 frames per second:

Grab Bag

Sometimes the week's best videos don't all line up nicely into themes for me--actually, this happens on most weeks, which is why I created this Grab Bag category.

Usually, consumers don't want their new gadgets or products to have flaws or defects. But if they do... look to make some lemonade by spotlighting that shortcoming with an online video, just like the guy who discovered a scary vulnerability with the iPad:

If they ever create an Olympic category for "tiny round cake tossing," this woman is going to win every gold medal:

This is a pretty phenomenal soccer goal... too bad it happened during practice:

Do you love ridiculous holiday decorations? Do you love the club hit, Party Rock Anthem? Do you love Halloween? If you answered yes to all three questions, you're the target audience for our next video (but thankfully it appeals wide beyond its target demo):

The Human Slingshot looks dangerous, scary, and like a whole heck of a lot of fun:

Your jaw might drop, as mine did, when you see this unbelievable leap-and-touchdown by a high school player:

Honorable Mention

A few more for those of you who just can't get enough viral videos:

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