Another week, another fantastic assortment of hilarious and entertaining viral video hits. There were bridges blown up, mysterious snow circles created, impressive acapella work, movie trailers, and a host of other popular video clips. Since there is a host of valuable marketing information and strategy we can glean by looking at what scored with audiences this week, I've grabbed a selection of some of this week's best viral videos for you to enjoy.

Let's get to it...

Branded Social Video Successes

I never played the original Borderlands video game, but I'm well aware of its rabid cult following. And while those fans will go nuts for this Borderlands 2 trailer, the trailer itself is so darn entertaining that I don't need any association with the original to want to play the sequel:

Jimmy Kimmel is essentially the king of online video, at least among late-night TV talk show hosts--though, honestly, Jimmy Fallon is the only other one even trying. Kimmel's latest interviews on the street about "flashing" ended in a way that was either totally unexpected, or completely staged. Either way, it's still viral:

This basejumper smacks into a mountain, which is not actually the goal when basejumping:

How interested are people in learning more about the secret world of Apple? So much that over 100,000 have watched a 4-minute ABC News segment. Probably because ABC managed to get a camera inside the controversial Foxconn factory where iPads are made. More evidence that sometimes the best online video is video you've already created for other purposes (like a television broadcast):

I've never heard of the Fort Steuben Bridge (it's in Ohio), but I sure enjoyed watching it blow up. And I think I need to give a high-five to the Ohio Transportation Department, which put this video on their YouTube channel in a bit of online video genius on their part:

YouTube & Vimeo Creator Gems

The Sean Ward Show is a humorous YouTube channel that, until recently, had yet to have that one big viral hit that propelled the channel into the mainstream. Their latest video, however, featuring Batman on a night on the town in Toronto, is that hit. With nearly a million views, I think we can count on seeing more Batman hilarity from The Sean Ward Show:

There's a pretty interesting wave of overdubbing popularity happening on YouTube, where users record new dialogue for a beloved movie or new lyrics for a popular song. The latest hit involves replacing the classic dialogue from Star Wars with dialogue that is more... silly. WARNING: some bad language in this video:

The short film "This Is My Home" is a fascinating look at a collector whose home is so full of antiques it's often mistaken for a collectibles shop:

I'm a sucker for any online video that attempts to recreate a song or a movie scene using only the human voice. It's a massive undertaking in patience and persistence, and the results are almost always entertaining. Like this cover of Daft Punk's One More Time--I especially love the added 30 seconds at the end where the creator shows you how he made it:

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I'm not going to lie to you... if you feature outstanding HD camerawork shot from a quad-copter or any other kind of remote control flying device... I don't really care how many views it gets, I'll feature it in this column. Even more so if you slow it down and give me some good slow-motion or a really interesting subject. This video has all of those things, and it also has over two hundred thousand views to boot:

Here's a fun project from Flippin The Script. It's pretty clever, lots of fun, and I thought it was totally worth sharing even if it doesn't have a true "viral" viewcount. Just further proof that you can make a great online video using only still photographs:

Movie Marketing Online

Like Pixar movies? Me too. You'll probably also enjoy this look at the first scene from this summer's Brave:

I didn't see the Clash of the Titans remake a couple years ago, but the trailer for the sequel, Wrath Of The Titans, looks like it actually might be a good time:

John Carter is an upcoming film from Disney, based on a much beloved series of science fiction books. Some fans of the books have been worried about how Disney's handling the marketing of the film. One fan even made his own trailer for the film out of footage from the existing materials online... and many fans think it's better than the official Disney trailers. This is only good news for Disney, because it's simply helping to spread the word about the movie to more potential customers.

Viral Grab Bag

Self-pass ally-oop? I promise it's even more amazing to watch than it sounds:

Buenos Aires Inception Park is a trippy, fun little effects piece from Black Sheep Films:

A lot of famous people have been covering Whitney Houston songs lately as a tribute to the late singer. But even with it being a popular thing to do, I wouldn't have guessed former Soundgarden lead singer, Chris Cornell, to be one of them. He sings I Will Always Love You in a surprisingly raw and touching performance:

This video is nothing more than a movie clip, but it made me laugh, mostly because it was presented as a commentary on understanding women:

Here's a great collection of some of the best viral video hits from January 2012:

I love Game Of Thrones. Everyone I know who has watched it does, and the show is quickly building a passionate fan-base. So passionate that at parties they'll perform a cover of the show's theme song to great applause from their guests:

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