When history looks back on this week in the viral video world, the only thing they'll remember is the Super Bowl and all the various online video buzz the commercials generated. The truth is, there were a lot of great videos this week, and only some of them were Super Bowl related. We have angry athletes, amazing athletes, cute animals, funny amateur short films, rap battles, and much more.

Grab a coffee--or tea, whatever you prefer--and enjoy some of the week's best viral videos.

Super Bowl Bound

A lot of ads from the upcoming Super Bowl have been released online early by the advertisers--which says a great deal about the power of the Internet. I wrote about a bunch of these ads here, but I thought I'd still include my favorites in this week's round up.

Volkswagen owned last year's Super Bowl with their "The Force" ad featuring a mini Darth Vader. Unfortunately, their attempts to recreate that magic are a little flat in this year's ad:

[Video removed from YouTube]

While Volkswagen's ad is a slight disappointment to me, Toyota's Camry ad may win best Super Bowl spot:

[Video removed from YouTube]

And Audi's is a dark horse candidate in my opinion, with a hilarious vampire-take on bright headlights:

[Video removed from YouTube]

But by far... the Budweiser rec-league hockey game is my favorite:

Non-Super Bowl Brands

Old Spice launched Old Spice Man with a "super bowl" commercial that never even aired during the big game. So it's no surprise to see them employing a similar strategy this year. The ads are already online, but won't debut on television until the day after the Super Bowl. The new ads show Old Spice interrupting ads for other real products (also owned by P&G), and I expect the online and television portion of this campaign to get tons of attention:

[Video removed from YouTube]

Thinkmodo struck again with another buzz-worth hoax video--this time some fake flying humans in NYC to help promote the movie Chronicle:

Speaking of the Super Bowl... EA Sports is getting more of their annual online video buzz from their Madden version of the upcoming Super Bowl game:

Twitter knows the way to viral video viewers' hearts... intentionally bad production values! Here's their cheesy homage to tech company recruitment videos:

This Week In Sports

Sports videos are always going to be popular--well, at least as long as sports are popular. Sometimes it's an incredible act of athletic ability, but other times it's a colossal fail... and this week we have some of both.

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If you like the NBA, you're already familiar with Blake Griffin. If you are not familiar with him, allow me to introduce you to why he's so popular:

Not all the NBA highlights are positive ones. And when a man misses a free throw as badly as this guy, well I have a responsibility to bring that content to you:

Here's a talented young Russian hockey player named Alexander Radulov (I've actually seen him play in person, as he used to play for the local team). In addition to being talented... he's also very angry at his coach:

This kid is probably going to go down in history as one of the all-time most talented ball boys:

Tallest high school basketballer player in the world plays like you'd expect the tallest basketball player in the world to play... with dominance:

Great Performances

Here's a dog in a vet's office, which is not all that uncommon. But one that has a key job to do in the business' daily operation is quite uncommon indeed:

Here's an amazing video I think a lot of you will enjoy. It's a rap battle in the UK between a 17-year-old kid and his former teacher:

Impossible pool trick shots? Yes, please:

Grab Bag

The current White House administration knows how to use new media pretty well, and I really enjoyed the behind the scenes look at how a State of the Union speech comes into being:

Love car explosions? You're really going to love a car explosinon, in HD, at 1000 frames per second:

What does your brand & logo say to a five year old? You may not care from a business standpoint, but your sense of humor is going to want to check it out:

Wakeboarding videos aren't really anything new--unless they're shot in Alaska like this video:

Sometimes the act of describing a video makes you feel silly, so let me just tell you that this next video is weird, and it got a lot of views this week:

I also loved a couple of short films I saw this week--both go for humor, and both succeed:

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1040840909 Shawn Whitaker

    Thanks for posting; some of these were inspirational while others failed miserably. I too like the Budweiser spot, and found the one of the 5 yo identifying brand logos fascinating(olympics logo is a "baby toy"- so does that mean Romney ran a baby toy company? LOL).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003547595512 Amber White

    hands down FUNNIEST commercial this year imo:

  • http://www.facebook.com/stipzcom Stipz.com via Facebook

    Great stuff, as always!