After YouTube's latest updates yesterday to the Browse page, many of you probably spent some time casually playing around with it to see what's new. If you did, you might have come across some of the selections in this week's round up of the best viral videos. Most are probably worth watching again, but I'm sure we've got a few you haven't seen as well. So grab your coffee, put on your headphones, and start your Friday off right with some outstanding viral videos.


Question: What happens when you cross Bon Jovi with hot musical act, Bon Iver? Answer: A hot viral video to launch a new band into the spotlight. Hope these guys are ready for the Internet to come calling:

You don't have to use brushes to be a great painter. Heck, you can use just about anything, as long as you learn how to use it:

Wastelander Panda Prologue is one of the stranger things I've seen online recently, but it sure was engaging as all get out--I couldn't stop watching. It's apparently based on a series that is in development:

We've featured the fine musical video talents of Boyce Avenue before. They're back again this week with a cover of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles," and the good news is... the talent is still there:


It's been a while since I've put a Freddie W. video in the round up, and I love golf. Which means "The Golf War" is a perfect edition this week:

CGP Grey keeps churning out great explanation videos, and doing so at an alarming rate--some slave labor must be going on over in their graphics division. Here's their 10 Misconceptions Rundown:

Crafstman tools is breaking from advertising convention with a new video that teaches viewers how to build a DIY Toolbox Boombox:

The New York Times commissioned this video piece on "texting while walking." Yes... while "walking":

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YouTube's video ad celebrating their latest statistical milestone is pretty fun and clever:


Some videos just showcase craziness. Animal craziness, human craziness... vehicular craziness. Viewers love seeing something crazy.

This is my new favorite cat on the Internet. He's a bit of a... Tasmanian devil:

I've seen a lot of motorcyclists do a lot of crazy things, but driving along a snow-covered mountain peak would have to be among the craziest:

The Day I Met Dave is weird enough it might as well have been made by Skittles:

Animals do crazy things, and it's usually funny. Even more so when there's an iPhone or iPad in the mix somewhere:

You would think people in Utah know how to drive in the snow, but you would apparently be quite wrong:

Some folks think theme park rides are crazy. Others think that men who scream like girls on theme park rides are even crazier (this video makes me laugh every time I see it, and I want to high-five the ride operator):

I've heard many warnings throughout my life about auto insurance scammers--motorists out to scam insurance companies and other drivers through false accusations. In our next video, one such set of scammers gets caught red-handed by a dashboard camera--watch how quickly they leave when they have it pointed out to them:

Grab Bag

Yosemite is pretty beautiful, but don't take my word for it. Trust Project Yosemite:

ACTA is the new PIPA, apparently. Get your pitchforks ready:

The International Space Station passes over Africa while the continent has an incredible amount of storm activity. The results are pretty amazing:

365 days in the life of a bike--gotta be the most boring title ever for a video that's actually quite interesting:

Wanna see a microwave blowing up a bunch of stuff? Of course you do: