We're getting closer and closer to the 2012 Super Bowl, which means we're about to hit a huge surge of creative (and expensive) Super Bowl ads making their way online to compete for viewers. Heck some brands will go the Old Spice route, skip the game, and release their "Super Bowl commercial" online by themselves. Last year's biggest Super Bowl commercial was Volkswagen's "The Force," and a new online video ad this week hints that the car maker has big, Star-Wars-themed, plans again this year.

But why waste time teasing the videos when I could just show them to you?

Branded Goodness

Every week sees videos go viral from amateurs as well as brands. And while most big brands are getting involved in video these days, some are still doing it way better than the others.

Samsung went viral just by blowing people's minds with a cool (albiet somewhat unnecessary) piece of technology called the Samsung Smart Window:

Icon showed DC Shoes that they're not the only apparel company that can leverage extreme motor sports for viral success:

GoPro--who already dominates online video--put out a stunner of a new clip this week showing how to catch a plane:

When you shoot something from a helicopter, it just looks cooler. When you do it with a Red Epic... well, it could be the most mesmerizing video in months:

Reimaginings & Twists

One of my favorite genres of online video is the reconstituted footage kind--where someone takes a piece of video, or even a concept, and then twists it... reshapes it... mashes it up with something to turn it into something else entirely.

Like this Fresh Prince remix song, that creates a completely original piece of music out of audio clips from the Will Smith sitcom:

"You're a Creep Charlie Brown" mashes up Radiohead's "Creep" and old Peanuts cartoons. The result is... strange?

Did you know you can drag an image onto Google's image search page and it'll return similar images? Well, this guy did, and he set up a script to take that similar image and feed it right back to Google to have it look for another similar image. Then he strung together all the results and turned it into a recursive Google image search video:

Take a popular song, then find the matching lyrics and sound clips from popular movies to recreate the song. I know it sounds a little odd... the result is pretty amazing (and had to have taken forever to complete):

Obama's many speeches are just as likely to be turned into popular music as movie clips are:

Kids Rule

Here's an older brother making it rain--after promising younger brother he could keep whatever dollar bills he caught before it hit the ground. And either that little brother is exceptionally lucky, or he might have put some glue on his hands or something:

I don't like "hardcore" music. But I might if it was all as adorable as this 8 year old hardcore singer:

Vazquez Sounds is one of the more popular music channels on YouTube. They're also really talented... and all siblings!

Grab Bag

Not all the week's great videos fit into my little boxes, so we usually include a Grab Bag category for the miscellaneous-but-still-viral videos.

The Whisky Water Trick might help you entertain party guests, but I bet perfecting it costs you a lot of spilled whisky:

I've always felt that if The Force was real... most Jedi's would be like the star of Lazy Jedi:

Back in the 80's and 90's, an awful lot of people were overly concerned about mysicism and magic in video games. Here's a compilation of that kind of footage that is pretty hilarious, unless you're part of the group still suspicious of the Ninja Turtle's boss, Splinter:

And finally, in honor of this week's Internet protests over SOPA/PIPA (and the rest of the world's waking up to the issue), let's take another look at this hugely popular Anti-SOPA video from Fight For The Future: