The first week of 2012 proved to be a strong one in the world of online video, as the new year did nothing to slow down the clever brands and amateurs piling up the views with creative videos. This week we have a few bloopers that captured viewers' attention, some branded social video campaigns, a collection of repurposed video and collages, and a bit of a wild card category called Party Mix--which just so happens to contain my favorite video of the week.

Let's get on with the videos, shall we?


Ever since they started hanging those cameras on wires over the field in televised football games, myself and millions of other fans have been saying to themselves, "Boy, I hope that thing never falls on the field while the game's going on." This week, it finally happened. Thankfully, no one was hurt:

Vending machines and mankind have an ages-old mutual understanding: we give them money, and 70% of the time they give us one soft drink (the other 30% of the time it merely returns a blank stare). So when one enterprising young man saw two dangling soft drinks in a single vending machine, he also saw an opportunity to get back at the system by maybe scoring a free beverage.

Did he succeed? Find out:

This one's really more of a prank video, if you want to be technical. But the prank results in a blooper--and not just any blooper, but the very best kind of all: live news bloopers!

Collages, Combinations, & Recuts

2011 was a good year. Do you know how I know? Because Twitter told me so:

A bunch of state parks in California will soon be closing, so one Vimeo user took the opportunity to grab footage one last time from 70 different parks. Check it out:

The Lion King and the upcoming summer blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises have nothing in common. Well, that's not actually true. I should say, they had nothing in common until this video, and now it almost seems like they were destined to be together:

If you're like me, you like history. If you're really like me, you ended up 2 credits shy of a history minor. And even if you're not... you might still enjoy history, particularly when it's as well-presented as it is in "100 Years In 10 Minutes":

Sometimes a piece of art or entertainment can be brilliant and disturbing all at the same time. Such is the case with this twisted-but-smart mash-up of clips from A&E's depressing addiction drama, Intervention, set to Starship's rollicking "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now." It really is a lot more unsettling than you think it is:

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Branded Social Video Successes

Sometimes a smaller brand can make a video so good it ends up finding an audience much wider than they initially thought it would. That has to be the case with "Iowa Nice," from Iowa Filmmakers. It's a rundown of all the reasons Iowa is nice, and was created to fight the national media's overuse of Iowa stereotypes during the GOP Caucus. Oh... it's also freaking hilarious (Warning: foul language):

Why do we use calendars? How did the calendar come to be? Why are there 7 days in a week instead of 13? Most of these questions (and more) are helpfully explained in this great little explanation video from Jeremiah JW:

DirecTV made me and a bunch of other people laugh with this over-the-top spot about how terrible things could get for you if you don't get DirecTV:

Party Mix

Not all the videos I wanted to share with you this week fit into my categories, so as usual I've left room for a "grab bag" of sorts: "captured on film" video, crowdsourced branded video, a short film... and, my personal favorite video of the week, which is where we'll start.

Imagine you're in Uganda studying Wild Mountain Gorillas. And one morning... imagine they're suddenly in your camp... including a Silverback. And imagine you not only live to tell the tale, but experience one of the most amazing and rare nature moments possible. Now stop imagining... because these guys did it:

It wouldn't be a true party mix without some party music, would it? Fortunately, I have just the thing: a teenager and his grandmother dancing and lip-syncing to a song called Rack City. Only four days into 2012, and we already have the winner for grandmother of the year:

Does the police officer in this video plant evidence in the vehicle? I have no idea, and most viewers don't either. But it kind of looks like he does, so there's a firestorm surrounding this clip:

Doritos is again hosting its annual competition for amateur filmmakers to create this year's Super Bowl commercial. And one of the great benefits of crowdsourcing video like that is all the free buzz your brand receives when the contestants start sharing their own commercials with friends--particularly when that commercial has already been rejected by Doritos, and is also hilarious.

At some time or another, everyone gets mad while driving. Most drivers just honk, scream, or drive even more dangerously. Others, like filmmaker Nick Khoo, make a short film about it: