I originally intended to skip this column this week, instead replacing it with a year-end "best viral videos" round up that would cover all of the last 52 weeks in hilarious viral action. However, a funny thing happened throughout the week that I should have expected: I kept finding awesome new viral videos that I wanted to share.

So here we are again after all... for a 52nd and final time this week, with another list of great viral videos. We'll still cover the best viral videos of the year too, I just couldn't bring myself to skip the weekly column.

Unique Music

Don Cherry is a colorful personality in the world of Canadian hockey broadcasting, which means many of you have probably never heard of him. But he's a bit of a legend for his loud outfits and unusual style of analysis. He also taps his fingers on the glass in front of him in a nonverbal gesture while he's talking about hockey. So obviously it was only a matter of time before someone showed us what it might look (and sound) like if Don Cherry's desk was an actual piano:

Apparently the iPhone was one of the most desired gifts at Christmas this year. But considering the economy, it stands to reason that a lot of people who wanted one didn't get it. Thanks to Twitter... we can now see, in real time, the kind of selfish complaining a lot of spoiled people did Christmas morning. From there... we're just a few guitar strums and clever puns away from an original song called "WTF?! I Wanted An iPhone."

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Some people are gifted and others are not. And a very small percentage of the population is gifted in multiple areas. Actors Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zoey Deschanel are both part of that highly select group. And while you may want to hate them for being so unfairly lucky... they're so cute and entertaining you'll forget your anger by the time the song is done:

Branded Goodness

Delta airlines scored a hit in my book this week with a video that has a very simple concept: what if we could show people what happens to their baggage after they leave the ticket counter? The result is interesting, engaging, and far more likely to be shared socially than a traditional advertisement:

Grab Bag

Of all the types of cat videos out there, I think my favorite is the M. Knight Shamylan variety, where the ending is nothing like what the beginning suggested. Such is the case with this video:

Extreme athlete Jen Yves Blondeau, known as Rollerman, has constructed a suit made out of protective gear and wheels. The result is... well, Rollerman, who can roll everywhere he goes (as long as he doesn't hit a staircase):

If this video of the amputee soccer championships isn't impressive to you, then you might be impossible to impress:

I've never been skiing. And I've certainly never been freestyle skiing. If you're not sure why that is... just watch this video and you'll see:

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