Today I hoped to be playing with a new Galaxy Nexus phone from Verizon. Sadly, it was not to be. That's good news for you, though, because it means I actually had time to do my job and gather a list of great viral videos for you to enjoy. When possible, we'll see what we can learn from the examples that we can apply to our own video marketing efforts. But don't forget the true reason we're all here: entertainment. Enjoy!


Pretty much can't go a week without several Hollywood trailers going viral, because people really love talking about films.

Hey, what do you know? They made another Expendables film (I have to admit, I want to hate this idea, but the ridiculously over-the-top name-dropping at the end is pretty hilarious):

I wonder how many people Sacha Baren Cohen will offend with his new movie?

Oh look... they made another GI Joe movie too. And look! This one has Bruce Willis too:

Men In Black 3 could just be 2 hours of Josh Brolin pretending to be a young Tommy Lee Jones, and if it is... I'm going to love it:

Funky Songs

For the musical members of our audience, it's time for a singalong... or a dance party... heck, I don't care how you go about enjoying music... just that you enjoy some. So here's a good selection of possible jams for your Friday:

Notorious Siri shows us what happens when Apple's Siri meets Notorious BIG (Warning: bad language):

I will admit to being a bit of a fan of sports-related auto-tuned songs like Press Hop. But even if you're not a huge fan of them, you'll probably get a smile or a laugh out of this Tim Tebow song:

Here's another video so interesting that it's hard to imagine how it sat unnoticed for nearly a year before exploding this month. It's the Sugar Plum Fairy performed on glasses:

I'm nowhere near expert enough to truly judge, but the view count makes me think this guy's pretty good at... whatever it is he's doing:

A choir made up entirely of iPhone apps. Insane, unasked-for, and wholly entertaining:

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Branded Goodness

I try to find some good branded video campaigns every week as well, so we have some of the more obvious object lessons to view. Like, which is technically a non-profit that was co-founded by Matt Damon. Pretty handy to have a major Hollywood actor involved with your company, particularly when you want to create an entertaining and memorable ad:

Jimmy Kimmel has definitely got a finger on the pulse of online video. He's had quite a streak of skits from his show that have gone viral after showing up on his YouTube channel. Just this week he did it again, with a hilarious Christmas prank by parents on their kids:

When you think of great video marketing brands, you might think of Red Bull... or DC Shoes... or Martini Ukraine. Wait... what? Yeah... it's true:

Artistic Endeavors

I also seem to find more than a few great artistic pieces each week--typically up-and-coming filmmakers working on music videos, short films, and little features. And this week... more outstanding video art.

Like Frictions, which is a pretty awesome short film combining dance and stop-motion:

Or Proteigon, a flat-out stunning work of stop motion mastery:

Or this film called Indyanimation, which takes an action-figure-stop-motion approach to a shot-for-shot remake of one of Indiana Jones' most famous scenes:

Even brands can get in on the artistic fun, as ESPN proved with this excellent short documentary behind-the-scenes at Monday Night Football:

The Internet (AKA - Home Videos)

Ah, the Internet. Video home of cats, pranks, and people falling down. Our final category of the week has animal clips and other assorted reality-type video.

Like Maru and his mirrors. For most cats, this kind of material would result in a pretty boring video. But for Maru, the beloved Internet king of cat personality, it's a minute and a half of smiles:

The ten best video pranks of the year as selected by Break? Yes please:

Just some dogs... hanging out of car windows... in glorious slow-motion:

  • Jeff

    Love going through these every week - keep it up! It never ceases to amaze me how talented some people are as well, in creating some of these vids.