Another Friday has suddenly arrived, which probably means you just missed another week's worth of incredible viral videos from individuals, businesses, and brands. Not to worry, though. As usual, we've been keeping up with the week's best viral videos, and are once again prepared to run through the best of the best for you. All you have to do is watch... and enjoy!

Branded Video Success

More and more brands and businesses are jumping into the video marketing game, and the competition is getting stiff. Every week there are great branded video efforts that impress audiences and entertain, and this was a particularly good week.

For instance, Playstation scored more than half a million views by showing off what the living room of the future looks like (here's a hint... it's digitized and can change appearance to match whatever video game you're playing or movie you're watching... of course, it's all just a concept anyway):

Sometimes an out-of-the-box video concept can generate a ton of attention for a small or medium-sized business. The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is hoping to land on your radar with their new video in the hopes you'll pay them a visit if you're ever in the city. And their attention-getting gimmick? Singing songs composed of random Tweets:

You might think we're nearing the end of the great branded videos from this week, but you're wrong. There are many, many more.

This is a fantastic piece of video advertising from UK retailer John Lewis. It's cute, funny, touching, and it hits all the right notes, even the surprising ones:

I really don't know what's going on in this ad for Nando, a South African restaurant brand. Actually, that's not true... I think it's a dictator wishing he had more friends... dictator friends, I think. Regardless, you can't scoff at 900,000 views (at least I can't), even if the driving force behind the popularity is the "weird" factor. I'd never heard of Nandos until this week. And now I have. And if I'm ever in South Africa, I am going to eat there. Maybe. Here's the video:

In one of my favorite branded videos of the year, Nokia got together with beloved Canadian DJ deadmau5 for a killer light show on a skyscraper in London:

Regardless of your political stance, you have to appreciate the video marketing prowess of Get Up Australia for a moving and very clever piece of cause marketing:

I wrote earlier in the week about the apparent Old Milwaukee campaign starring Will Ferrell.  Here's one of the ads:

Here's another one.

Reality Video

I've said this before, but there's a reason America's Funniest Home Videos is still on the air... people enjoy seeing funny home videos. YouTube hasn't done anything to quell that desire; in fact, it's fanned the flame.

Here's a video that's incredibly difficult to watch--I'll just tell you that up front. But it's also just plain old incredible. A man with a helmet cam jumps out of an airplane with a friend--both experienced skydivers--and after an accident tangles their parachutes, he tumbles to the ground. The man survived, and the event in the video happened more than four years ago. The video is both terrifying and amazing all at once, particularly the end, when his friend (who landed fine) is talking to him as the cameraman realizes he's paralyzed:

Hey, sports fans, Tiger Woods is back. Well, he won his first tournament since the whole SUV-accident-marriage-explosion incident. That's good news for the sport, because he's still incredibly popular. He's one of the reasons people started yelling things after tee shots like "Get in the hole" or "You're the man." And on the 18th tee of his big victory Sunday, one fan blazed a new trail, screaming a new anthem for golfers everywhere:

Odds & Ends

Some videos are tougher to categorize, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable or worthy of discussion. For instance, here's a strange tight-rope wedding from back in the day (the description actually says "date unknown,"). Could imagine someone trying something like this today?

Timescapes 4K is kind of a short film on Vimeo. It's actually a cut of footage from a larger film project the creator is working on. The "4K" of the title means it's shot in a resolution four times greater than 1080p. Oh, and it's awesome:

Here's a really clever music video for a hopeful music artist that features a ton of movie references:

Sometimes online video answers questions you didn't even know you wanted to ask. You've probably never wondered what cheerleaders see when they're being tossed in the air, but just in case you have... we now have the answer in video form:

At The Movies

Several movie-inspired or movie-related videos caught some viral attention this week. Like The Piano Guys, doing a Star Wars inspired cello wars:

Trailer for Cabin In The Woods, a film Joss Whedon made a while back and which fans have been greatly anticipating--oh, and it's a horror film, in case that's not your thing:

As far as movie supercuts go, this "Sit down and shut up" video is one of the more entertaining ones I've seen: