Greetings, and Happy Day After Thanksgiving--AKA Black Friday. While many of you might be out standing in line for new video gadgets on sale or being trampled at Wal-Mart by the masses, some of you are back to work, fighting the turkey hangover. You didn't think I would make you endure a Friday without a long list of the week's best viral videos, did you?

Video Artists

Video has the ability to be an artistic medium, and there are tens of thousands of ways it can be used by artists to emote and express and experiment.

For some time now, digital artists and digital animators have been growing in number, despite the persistent impression that they're talent may not be as great as old school pencil-and-paper drawers. The truth, of course, is that digital animators are just as creative, inventive, and hard working as any other visual artist.

Want proof? Check out "Post-Apolcalyptic Cover Illustration | Timelapse," by artist (and I don't use that word lightly) DEISIGN, who uses time-lapse to show the full extent of his art:

And video art comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, here's a film student's project on real-time animation--using a bicycle to create a kind of zoetrope:

Simon's Cat is a very popular YouTube series, with most videos grabbing several million views. Part of the reason, I believe, for the show's popularity, is the animator's ability to so accurately capture the behavior of cats with such a simple animation style. They're fun and funny... but don't forget that Simon's Cat is also art:

Address Is Approximate is maybe my favorite video of the week (though it's close). It's a stop-motion animation utilizing Google Street view that tells the story of a lonely desk toy. It's really great:

There's a new Halo fan-series coming called Helljumper, and its trailer grabbed a lot of attention from video viewers this week:

This "Mario Enters the Real World" video is amazing, and deserving of way more than 50,000 views:


Some videos go viral solely because their content is simply... insane... defying explanation or belief.

Like this monorail ride down a mountain, which looks scary and thrilling... and scary:

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What do you get when you cross the Muppets and the Saw franchise? A video that fooled many viewers into thinking it was another official parody trailer:

There was a tragic plane crash in Arizona a couple days ago, and at least one area business' web cam actually caught the crash on film:

One kid scoring 89 points in a basketball game is impressive, especially if his last name isn't Jordan:


Taylor Swift apparently has a cat. And that cat gets pretty vocal if she stops petting him:

Didn't think owls could be adorable? Think again:

Hip-Hop Horse? At a prim and proper horse show? Yeah, I think I'll take a look at that:

Branded Goodness

Nintendo hit a viral home run with their new video ad for the latest version of Mario Kart:

Improv Everywhere usually goes viral with absurd public stunts and performances. This time, their founder went viral with his very own TED talk about the story of Improv Everywhere:

Do you watch NBC's Community? If not, you missed a heck of an inside joke the show has been patient enough to build over the course of several episodes. Fans of the movie Beetlejuice might remember that if you say the character's name three times, he appears. And on Community... over many episodes... the name Beetlejuice has been said exactly three times. Check it out:

Taylor Swift has spent her current concert tour wowing fans in each city by bringing up superstar duet partners like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and more. Most recently, she brought up her friend (and Bieber love interest) Selena Gomez. Yeah... that video, like the others, went viral:

Multiple versions of it actually went viral:

Honorable Mention

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