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Al Morning, of Poynter Online, has published a great interview on their site with The Washington Post's video journalist and documentary filmmaker, Travis Fox. In the interview, Travis talks about his experience in putting together his newest project (video below) about successful businesses opportunities that have opened up for women in the wake of Rwanda's genocide.

In addition to discussing specifics for the project, Travis discusses how the medium of online video helps to better tell the story and goes on to discuss some best practices that he follows when it comes to producing online video, including a discussion regarding ideal length for journalistic video stories.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

"What is the next big step online video will take that will improve journalism?

Fox: One thing I think we should be looking at is video going offline. Let me explain: We will see the Internet used more as a means of delivery, as opposed to a medium (the Web). At, we've already seen this in the huge increase of traffic to our various video podcasts on iTunes. Not that podcasts are the future, but the technology of delivering video to several devices, like your phone -- and especially your TV -- is. I hope some day soon, your Time Warner cable box will allow you to download our videos in true high-definition for viewing on your TV. Our high-def podcast that syncs with the Apple TV is a glimpse into this world. Once this technology becomes more mainstream, we can capitalize on higher TV advertising rates and reach a more comfortable audience, one that sits on a couch at home, not crouches behind a computer at work. In short, it's the hub model. We are becoming a production company that creates work that goes out in many directions like spokes on a wheel -- to your computer, your phone, your TV. And let us not forget, your morning newspaper."

Read the rest of the interview here

Below is the video from Washington Post of Travis Fox's latest project that we mentioned:

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