10 of the Best Branded Vines & Instagram Videos of May 2015

  • Mother's Day, and Star Wars Day Were 2 of the Tent-pole Events That Brands Created Micro-video for in May 2015
  • Dunkin' Donuts, BMW, Carlsberg, and Pepsi Max Made Some of the Best Vines and Instagram Videos of May 2015

May 2015 had two of the easiest tent-pole events to create innovative and compelling video content around, Mother's Day, and Star Wars Day, and we had some great examples of micro-videos created around those topics. We have chosen 10 of the best branded Vines & Instagram Videos from the last month that not only celebrated both occasions, but others that brought us hacks, how-tos, promotions, and product launches too.

3 of the Best Branded Vines of May 2015

#1 Dunkin Donuts: Dunkin' Donuts always create some quirky content around major events and it went all out for Mother's Day this year with this donuts and cream-topped coffee offering. Sweet, effective, and applicable all-year round (depending on how you love your mom that is).

#2 Tide: Tide has been running a crafty campaign aimed at recycling its bottles after use, and this Vine from early May encourages consumers of the detergent to create a set of bookends. The full instructions were posted to the brand's Pinterest account in a nice example of cross-promotion.

#3 Pepsi Max: As part of promotion for London's 'Wireless Festival' of which Pepsi Max UK, are a sponsor, the brand took to Vine with this nifty little stop-motion clip.

7 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos May 2015

#1 BMW: Instagram has had a makeover and now looks as sleek and classy as the BMW in this video. Here, we see the iconic car take part in "a ballet that's not performed on the stage, but the streets". Cheesy, but we could watch this #DrivingExperience choreography over and over again.

#2 Anastasia Beverly Hills: Honestly, we've had to play this a few times because it seemed to pack in too much for the allocated 15 seconds. But it really fits that time-frame and goes to show how much content you can include if you edit really carefully. The beauty brand teamed up with Instagram superstar Meli on this how-to piece of influencer marketing.

#3 Ben & Jerrys: Ben and Jerry's latest flavor of ice cream, 'Save our Swirled' is not only choc-full of raspberry, marshmallowy, fudgey goodness, but also heads the brand's campaign to highlight the issue of climate change. Standard royalties from sales of the limited edition batch, which is only distributed in the U.S. at the moment, will go towards supporting the global climate movement. More details can be found at the B&J site.

#4 Carlsberg: Sometimes the simplest short-form videos are the very best, and this one from Carlsberg does its job beautifully. Mom - probably the best palindrome in the world. Ah, all the feels.

#5 Jack in the Box: This fast-food chain is another brand like consistently creates fun content on the Instagram platform. Featuring an on-trend drone, this video invites the viewers to #GetWeird, with their tales of odd late-night foody moments.

#6 Coca-Cola: If were anywhere near the Internet on the 4th of May, you'll have probably heard 'May the 4th be with you' at least once. Not too many brands went the whole hog and produced video content around the sentiment though, unlike Coke with this little vignette.

#7 Target: Our last Instagram video comes from Target, celebrated the release of Pitch Perfect 2, with the brand's own version of Anna Kendrick's iconic 'Cups' song. Recreated with Target merchandise of course.