October 2015 was of course, a celebration of Halloween, but we also saw a number of other high-profile marketing events for brands to create innovative and compelling video content around. These included the release of the last major Star Wars trailer, and day that all Back to the Future fans were looking forward to. The challenge is not just following the trends, but making sure that your videos highlight the trends while showcasing your brand. We have chosen some of the best brands that pulled it off this month that should leave you hungry for more. Join us for a look back at the best branded videos on Vines & Instagram for October.

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Best Branded Vines of October 2015

Walkers (Frito-Lay): For those of you who have never heard of Walkers, it’s a company from England best known for making “crisps” or as we in the US like to call them, chips. They just completed a big campaign this past month aimed at determining which retro flavor they wanted to bring back. The winner has yet to be announced, but they created an entire campaign around getting votes from their customers on which flavor they liked best. They used a series of topical Vines this month, including this timely gem centered on using the Back to the Future DeLorean which gained over 437k loops.

Lowes: Lowes took the easy road this month, capitalizing on the biggest tent pole event of the month: Halloween. Last year’s Vine continues to earn them new loops, really showing the importance of making seasonal content. This year’s new Vine should do much of the same. It not only ties in to Halloween, but also clearly ties in to Lowes’s brand identity. I would have really liked to see the scarecrow wearing a Lowes employee shirt, this was a missed opportunity for more brand reinforcement.

MLB: The MLB is really doing a great job keeping their fans in-house to the tune of nearly 20 million loops. As fans share the best clips from their favorite games it does promote the brand, but brands who are not beating fans to the punch are missing out on a great opportunity for exposure. If a situation occurs with your brand that has social media potential, you need to be savvy enough to recognize it and be the first to post something. This will ensure that the clip that climbs to the top of search and gets shared the most is yours and not somebody else’s.

Ford: I would have been very disappointed in Ford had they NOT posted this video. With Back to the Future related content in an absolute frenzy around October 21st, they were sure to refer back to a picture of a futuristic Ford car from Back to the Future II.

Best Branded Instagram Videos October 2015

Ben and Jerrys: The ice cream giant actually DOES have a flavor graveyard for all of their discontinued flavors. Halloween made for the perfect opportunity to share that fact and get a conversation started around people’s favorite flavors from the past. I could really go for a pint of Wavy Gravy right about now.

Where was your old favorite flavor laid to rest? The Flavor Graveyard, of course.

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Coca-Cola: Not only was Coca-Cola smart enough to post on Halloween day, but they made a clever play on words with the description of their video that really made me think about their product and not just the cool video. While it is important to make a post for tent pole events, the description can often be just as engaging as the video itself.

Careful, they sometimes run in packs. #WereCoke #HappyHalloween

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Target: Target went for a combination of elements that worked really well this month. They teased a movie reference that really got the comments on the video going, allowed them to leverage Halloween and also got the biggest laugh out of me this month. What could be funnier than a flying vacuum?

Can you guess the #TBT Halloween movie? Hint: think getting around, not getting clean.

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Lego: It’s almost too easy for Lego to make this list so long as they stay timely with their videos. In the past month they have made videos related to Halloween, Back to the Future and Star Wars. As long as they have a few master builders ready to go at a moment’s notice, there is no reason they can’t quickly build up a timely masterpiece and get it posted to ride the latest buzz.

That's it for our roundup of the best branded Vines and Instagram videos for October 2015. Stay tuned for November's installment!

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