Best Branded Vines & Instagram Videos of June 2015


June 2015 had a number of tent-pole events to create innovative and compelling video content around, including Father's Day, the Glastonbury Festival, the opening of Jurassic World, and most importantly, National Donut Day. We have chosen some of the best branded Vines & Instagram Videos from the last month that celebrated these occasions, plus some others that brought us how-to's, promotions, and product launches too.

Want to see which brands and creators generated the most views on each platform last month? Check out Tubular's ranking leaderboards for Vine and Instagram:

Best Branded Vines of June 2015

Vans: June 5th was National Donut Day and iconic shoe brand Vans went all out with to celebrate with this wacky but sweet little stop-motion tie-in. Vans has 129K followers on Vine, just slightly more than it has subscribers on its YouTube channel, but its Vine channel generates a lot more engagement for them. In May, the brand attracted 1 million views on YouTube, but 4.6 million views on Vine.

Pizza Hut: Although Pizza Hut has its own Vine account, the fast-food brand picked up most attention on Vine via the 'NowThisNews' who ran with the story of the pizza box projector. Pizza Hut, together with advertising giants Ogilvy, rolled out some specially designed packaging that doubles as a movie projector for a smartphone. Some lucky consumers got to test the new invention in Hong Kong, and the brand picked up a tonne of internet traffic from sites like Reddit.

EEUK: As every serious music festival goer knows, June means Glastonbury, and for this year's event EEUK launched a series of Vines to raise awareness for its iOS/Android app. This app allowed mud-soaked attendees to stay connected, and to use their mobile devices to find their way back to their tents and camper vans. This particular Vine generated over 2 million loops, but EEUK kept up the pace throughout the festival with a range of quirky short-form videos.

Innocent Drinks: Coconut water has been flavor of the month now but quite a while, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. But there are already some very well-established brands who have included the superdrink within their range, and any newcomers to the market will need to find an effective method of promotion. Innocent Drinks is a very well know brand in the UK, and has a bigger following on Vine than it does on YouTube. Interestingly, it uploaded this Vine to YouTube but it received much less attention on that platform.

Best Branded Instagram Videos June 2015

LEGO: LEGO can always be relied upon to create topical video content, and here it combines a celebration of Father's Day with some not-so-subtle promotion for its Star Wars sets, of which 32 will be released this year alone. LEGO didn't upload a Father's Day video to YouTube this year, which is an odd decision given its 2013 offering (also built around the Star Wars theme) was so ridiculously successful. In other news, it's just been announced that the directors of The Lego Movie are making their own Star Wars spin-off film about Han Solo. Although sadly using real human people and not LEGO bricks :-(

Coca-Cola: Dino-thriller Jurassic World pulled in $209 million in its first couple of days, making it the most successful opening weekend in U.S. cinema history. As with most modern-day movies, product placement played a huge role in the film, and Coca-Cola got some huge exposure as velociraptor trainer Chris Pratt takes a big sip of the drink during the film. Coke weren't the only brand to be featured in the film (full list here), but it took advantage of the buzz with its only little homage to the Cokeasaurus.

Ben & Jerrys: Ben & Jerry's were one of the first brands to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Courts historic ruling on same-sex marriage last month, even renaming its chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to “I Dough, I Dough" in its U.S. shops. But it also scored highly with followers of its Instagram account with two delicious how-to videos, one on creating a moreish cinnamon roll ice cream sandwich, and this one, how to rustle up cookie cup sundaes. Both Instavids guided the viewer to the B&J website where they could watch a longer YouTube tutorial video.

Jack in the Box: This fast-food chain is another brand like consistently creates fun, and if we're honest, pretty left-field content for the Instagram platform. This video, uploaded as part of its #GetWeird series, where it invites viewers to share their tales of odd late-night foody moments, scares us a little if we're honest. But, it was the brand's most liked video on Instagram for June, so go figure.

That's it for our roundup of the best branded Vines and Instagram videos for June 2015. Stay tuned for July's installment!

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