December 2015 was not only the month of Christmas festivities, but we also saw a number of other high-profile marketing events for brands to create innovative and compelling video content around. These included the celebration of Ugly Sweater Day, as well as the month fans finally got to see the much-awaited, and much hyped Star Wars: The Force Awakens film. The challenge is not just following the trends, but making sure that your videos highlight the trends while showcasing your brand. We have chosen some of the best brands that pulled it off this month that should leave you hungry for more. Join us for a look back at the best branded Vines and Instagram videos for December.

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Best Branded Vines of December 2015

Dunkin Donuts: As one of the most recognisable coffee retailers across the world, we would have been pretty disappointed if DD hadn't celebrated Christmas in its own unique way. This Vine was one of 18 pieces of video content uploaded by Dunkin Donuts in December 2015 across the main social platforms, and it generated 365K views, or loops, for the brand.

Mashable: Publishing giant Mashable consistently make innovative content for Vine, often around holidays and events. We absolutely loved this 6-second walkthrough of gift-wrapping a present for Christmas, part of the brands last-minute tips series. It generated 134K views. Mashable has a larger following on Vine than it does on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and it generated over 1.1M views on the site for the 24 videos it uploaded last month.

Scott Bryan: Of all the Star Wars related Vines uploaded in December, it was this a capella version of the iconic theme tune that was one of the most successful. Uploaded to his own account by BuzzFeed's UK Entertainment Editor, it generated 3.6M views. The accompanying article on BuzzFeed also went viral with over 1M views.

Verizon: In November, Pandora teamed up with top Vine Star Peter Heacock to create content around Thanksgiving, and the vineographer worked with another huge brand in December. Heacock's collab with Verizon was uploaded to Heacock's own channel (94.7K followers), rather than to Pandora's (70.1K followers), and the festive vine generated 895K loops.

Best Branded Instagram Videos of December 2015

Wilko: UK retailer Wilko are slowly building up a solid following on Instagram, with a mix of product images and videos. It carries a huge range of Christmas stock and uploaded this little stop-motion clips shows of its range of wrapping accessories.

Ben and Jerrys: Ben & Jerry's have created a very successful little series of hints and tips, using Instagram as a teaser to drive viewers off-platform and onto its own site for further information. It also scored highly with followers of its Instagram account with some delicious how-to videos, and the latest invites viewers top make a S'mores Ice Cream. Yum. This Instavid guides the viewer to the B&J website where they can watch a longer YouTube tutorial video.

Because life needs s’mores in the winter. Recipe link in profile.

A video posted by Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) on

BathandBodyWorks: For US retailer BathandBodyWorks, Instagram is the most successful social video platforms for generating views and engagement for the brand. And its Instavids created around the 2015 festive holiday season have been its most successful. This one, created for a Christmas candle promotion, generated over 49K engagements.

LEGO: It’s almost too easy for LEGO to make this list so long as it stay timely with its videos. in the last few months it has made videos relating to Halloween, Back to the Future, Thanksgiving, and Star Wars, so it was obvious we'd be treated to something special for Christmas. As long as the brand a few master builders ready to go at a moment’s notice, there is no reason it can’t quickly build up a timely masterpiece and get it posted to ride the latest buzz.

That's it for our roundup of the best branded Vines and Instagram videos for December 2015. Stay tuned for January's instalment!

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