Best Branded Vines & Instagram Videos of July 2015


July 2015 had a number of tent-pole events to create innovative and compelling video content around, including the 4th of July celebrations, Shark Week, and most importantly, National Emoji Day. We have chosen some of the best most popular branded Vines & Instagram Videos from the last month that created short-form video content around these occasions, plus some others that brought us how-to's, and cross-promotions too.

Want to see which brands and creators generated the most views on each platform in June? Check out Tubular's ranking leaderboards for Vine and Instagram:

Best Branded Vines of July 2015

IKEA USA: Many brands took to Vine to celebrate the 4th of July in various different ways. We loved this sweet little stop-motion tie-in from IKEA - creating a fun drinks hack with one of its very own kitchen products. IKEA USA's Vine account may have less followers than its YouTube Channel, but its uploading unique content to it, and using short-form video to create mini promotional clips. According to data from Tubular, in June 2015, the brand attracted 387K views on YouTube, and only slightly less on Vine - 382K views.

Burger King: Fast food giant Burger King also uploaded a timely Vine on July 4th, this time wishing customers (and their food) a Happy Independence Day.  Although this particular Vine generated just under 40,000 loops for the brand this month, it wasn't the most popular upload. That award went to this Vine of a #RedVelvetOreoShake refill trick that pulled in 1.7 million views.

Arbys: Two 'Shark Week' Vines making an appearance now. The first, from Arby's, only attracted a very small number of views but we think it's funny and brilliantly inventive. I mean, who hasn't recreated scenes from Jaws using a spare ketchup packet themselves - amirite?

Mashable: On the other hand, this Vine from Mashable attracted over 83K views for the publishing juggernaut. In June 2015, the Vine account attracted 7.2 million views, just slightly more than the 7.1 views it generated for its native video uploads to Facebook. That's pretty amazing considering it has a pretty small following (195K) on Vine than it does on Facebook (3.1 million).

Arbys: We couldn't let this July 2015 round-up pass without a nod to World Emoji Day. Emojis are a thing and they are here to stay so of course they get their own international holiday. As everyone under the age of 30 rolls their eyes, Arbys actually came up with a pretty funny Vine to celebrate this auspicious occasion. 👇 👍 🎉

Best Branded Instagram Videos July 2015

Disneyland: Disney can always be relied upon to create engaging and topical video content, and here it celebrates the 4th of July with some user-generated content of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard. With 1.9 million followers on the platform, it's no wonder this Instagram generated  309K views and 103K engagements.

GoPro: Because of the genius move to use footage created by users of its products, the videos uploaded by GoPro across its various online properties range from documenting serious sports action, and capturing insane stunts to filming all sorts of wierd and wacky. This Instavid, which generated an incredible 1 million views in July, 302K likes, and 37K comments (although the same upload to YouTube generated 2 million). It's an old video, harking back to when Twiggy the wondersquirrel caught the attention of the crowd at the @xgames. The very same video was uploaded to Facebook by 'Best Vines' where it generated over 3 million views. Best Vines did credit GoPro - but not with an actual link to its Facebook account, so Best Vines actually got all the kudos for that upload in terms of views and engagement.

AnastasiaBeverleyHills: This American beauty channel has an enormous following on Instagram, where it aims to "recreate the professional beauty experience at home". Beauty tutorials are one of the most popular verticals, and ABH upload a lot of how-to videos to Instagram. This one, a collabration with Instagram beauty guru Güneş Nur on how-to create the perfect glittery cats eye, generated 335K views, and 111 engagements. Instagram is by far the most successful video channel for the brand, with 7.3 million views generated in June 2015, compared to 1 million on Facebook, and just 32,000 on YouTube. ABH are active on YouTube, with an average of an upload a month, but with only 36.3K subscribers, it seems to have found its natural home in the form of Instagram video.

Ben & JerrysBen & Jerry's have created a very successful little series of hints and tips, using Instagram as a teaser to drive viewers off-platform and onto its own site for further information. It also scored highly with followers of its Instagram account with some delicious how-to videos, and the latest invites viewers top make a cake with a pint of Cherry Garcia ice-cream. Yum. This Instavid guids the viewer to the B&J website where they can watch a longer YouTube tutorial video.

Bake a cake with a pint. Full recipe and video here: (link in profile)

A video posted by Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) on

That's it for our roundup of the best branded Vines and Instagram videos for July 2015. Stay tuned for August's installment!

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