Behavioral Video Content Monetization Platform

Behavioral Video Content Monetization Platform

Collarity, a leader in search and discovery solutions for web publishers, presents a breakthrough in video optimization that enables publishers to effectively monetize their content. Collarity leverages the interaction between the publisher's rich-media, their content, ads and their users for optimal content consumption and monetization. The service exploits the behavioral patterns of an entire website audience rather than manually selected tags, metadata and labels, and therefore is an extremely effective platform for video content and ad targeting.

"Collarity holistically analyzes all media type on the publisher's site, whether it is in text, images, video or advertising," said Levy Cohen, CEO and Founder of Collarity. "Our solution seamlessly and automatically connects ad serving optimization with content discovery and recommendation. Out of sync content and ads is a problem many media publishers face. Ad revenue and content consumption can only be maximized if the two are coordinated to the benefit of the site visitors."

The Collarity platform operates as a web service connected to the web publisher's site and provides visitors search results, recommendations and ads based on media consumption and ad response patterns of previous visitors. This anonymous data is the foundation of a behavioral relevance that utilizes implicit user communities. This is then designed to rank search results, generate recommendations ("users who liked this, also liked this"), and target advertising. This behavioral layer is used in conjunction with any meta data or audio transcript files to provide highly accurate video search results driving higher page views and higher ad click-through rates.

"Publishers already have most of the necessary data in their website log files," said Cohen. "We simply harness this existing valuable knowledge in the form of more relevant search results, real-time recommendations and ad targeting. This allows the publisher to obtain more online revenue out of the online content they've spent so much time and money to create."

Collarity, with customers including FOX TV stations and V-me media cable network, has successfully provided millions of web visitors with improved methods to search and discover video content.


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