Vlogging has become a fairly saturated niche on YouTube and it can be quite difficult these days to stand out from the crowd and build a loyal audience as a YouTube Vlogger. Whether you are thinking about starting a vlog on YouTube or already have, there are several common mistakes that vloggers tend to make. For this week's Creator's Tip video, Andre from Black Nerd Comedy [Tubular Creator ProfilesView Creator Profile] shares with us 5 common mistakes that he sees and offers tips and advice as to how to succeed with your vlog.

Mistake Number 1 - Video that is too dark or unclear.  Show your face.  You don't need fancy lighting but be sure there is enough light showing on your face so viewers can clearly see you.

Mistake Number 2 - Low or poor audio quality.  Make sure that you can be heard well on the videos.  You don't have to have a separate microphone but be sure you are close enough to the camera that you can be heard.  Also be sure you can be understood, many first time vloggers speak too rapidly for their viewers to understand what they are saying.

Mistake Number 3 - Copying other vloggers.  While emulating successful vloggers is a good idea, be sure that you are being original.  Don't watch someone else's video and do basically the same thing.  You may want to include tips and tricks another vloggers has used but be sure the content and the way you present it is unique and reflects your personality and style.

Mistake Number 4 - Be stiff and formal on camera.  For some people this may take some work but you want to portray confidence in your videos.  Let your viewers see who you really are and be learn to be comfortable with that.

Mistake Number 5 - Get wrapped up in the process.  Everyone wants to have a lot of viewers for the content they post online, but don't let that drive you.  You have to enjoy what you do and what you are putting up.  Having a large number of subscribers or viewers shouldn't be your first goal when creating video.  It is something that will happen over time and as your channel gets more exposure.

QUESTION: What advice and tips do you have for someone who wants to be a vlogger on YouTube?