Businesses spend millions of dollars to have celebrities make appearances in their commercials and Web videos. Just think about the ads that feature William Shatner as "The Priceline Negotiator" or Jennifer Lopez's notorious commercial for Gillette "Venus" razors. Companies pay a pretty penny to secure celebrities in their videos, but is it really necessary to roll out the red carpet to have a successful video campaign?

The tides have changed in the video world. Just like social media has revolutionized "word of mouth" advertising, online video has also given a new opportunity for businesses. The good news is that if you own a small to medium size company, you can take advantage of using a celebrity in your video marketing.

Where can you find a celebrity who isn't going to cost you a fortune? Look in the mirror.

Video has provided a platform for businesses of all sizes and has allowed individuals to position themselves as experts. In short, Web video can make you a celebrity.

The Celebrity is You

By definition, a celebrity is someone who is easily recognizable and has a high profile. When you create interesting and relevant video, your target will begin to recognize you, which will ultimately raise your profile.

Specifically, video makes you "the" celebrity within your industry for the following reasons:

  1. People feel like they have known you for years. In a way, do you feel like you kind of know major celebrities like Jennifer Aniston or Martin Sheen? You get this sense because you have seen these celebrities multiple times on the screen. You may have seen them interviewed on television as well, which gives you insight into their personalities, mannerisms and overall character. Video will do the same thing for you. If your target market is able to see you, they will already feel like they have met you in person.
  2. You can showcase your expertise. You may have years of experience in your industry and/or attended one of the top schools in the country. Yet, establishing yourself as an expert can still be a daunting task. Video makes it easier for you. Instead of telling people you are an expert, video allows you to show them. For example, use video to answer a common question that is asked of you by your customers or clients. Create a video that highlights how you were able to help someone. Utilize online video to showcase a product or service you created. You get the idea.
  3. Online video allows you to reach a wide audience. You never know when a video will go viral. Some people have been able to catapult their careers by simply creating catchy and interesting Web videos. Your marketing videos may or may not get millions of views, but you can expect that they will reach a wide audience – a much wider one than television, radio or print media would attain. You can get your face and name in front of your target market. Can we say instant stardom?
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Simple Tips to Creating Videos That Make You the Celebrity

Creating video that will elevate you to celebrity status isn't as hard you as you might think. If you know your subject matter well and know what your customer base is interested in, simply do the following:

  1. Develop videos that speak directly to your target audience. Think of the common questions or concerns that your potential customers share. Use your videos to address them.
  2. Focus on your viewer, not yourself. When you create videos with the intent to market yourself or your business, you need to focus on the viewers. They really do not want to listen to you describe how great you are or how you have the best product around. They want to know that you understand what they care about and need.
  3. Don't discount the quality of your videos. Just about everyone has the capability to quickly shoot a video and upload it to YouTube. However, quality plays a factor in the success of videos for businesses. Make sure that your videos are of high quality and do not look like something you shot in the basement.

The Internet has given us opportunities that never existed before. Whether you run a small mom and pop shop or a corporation, you can use Web video to attract more business. Don't wait! Become the celebrity within your field today.

  • Aaron Teo

    We at YouSHINE video marketing has always used ourselves to promote and be the leader in our industry. Quality of your videos equates to the quality of your work too...

  • Charley Mann

    More people need to follow the "focus on your viewer" mantra in their videos! That can turn a lame catalogue of self-promoting videos into a consistent conversion tool that speaks to the problems for which your viewer is searching.

    If you're not answering my question or somehow educating me, I'm moving on to watch videos of dogs doing backflips...

  • Jimmy Daly

    This is a really great article. All of us have the power to syndicate ourselves these days and we need to take advantage of it! Nice work Tom Foster!

  • Gerry Oginski

    Tom is right on target when he tells you that video can turn you into a celebrity in your niche. Video is the one tool that small-business owners and entrepreneurs have to the level the playing field against big companies that are spending big dollars on marketing.

    Video is crucial in getting a viewer to see you, hear you and begin to trust you before they ever meet you. By taking an educational approach rather than a sales-pitch approach, you are educating your viewer and giving them information they need to know and learn about. The trusted teacher is always viewed with greater respect than the pushy salesman.

    By elevating your marketing through video and teaching your consumers what they need to know, you become the trusted celebrity.

    No longer do consumers rely on bare-bones advertisements for businesses and services. Instead, they want to see, hear and understand a great deal before they make a decision to purchase your product or service. Celebritizing yourself through video is one of the ideal ways to do it.

    In fact, there is no other media available that allows a consumer to get to know you and at the same time begin to trust you before they have ever met you.

    I totally agree with Tom that your videos need to be high quality in order to showcase your expertise. Creating poor-quality video, or on-the-fly video, with poor production techniques, reflects on you as a person and on your business. Make sure your video content is top notch and match the production values with your content and you're on your way to becoming a celebrity on video.

    Nice job Tom.

  • Antonio Centeno

    Tom - you are spot on with this article. Celebrities have power with an audience thanks to one-way familiarity and business owners can create this in their niche through a number of good quality videos.

    In fact - I've been using this strategy this summer to take my business to new levels. For 3 years I wrote hundreds of solid/well researched/1000+ word articles on men's style. I found that when my clients spoke with me - they treated me like an expert despite only being in this industry a short time. In 3 months we posted 50+ teaching videos, and the phenomenon is snow balling! I can't wait to see what happens when we have 200 out by the end of this year.

    Thanks again Tom for the great article - and stay tuned for my video course for how lawyers can use clothing to attract clients and persuade juries :)


    Antonio Centeno
    Founder - Real Men Real Style.

  • Michael Saile

    Tom you are absolutely correct. Video is especially important for service professionals. I am a personal injury attorney in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and on my website I answer common questions that our potential clients ask. Our potential clients get valuable information and at the same time get a “feel” for me and what my personal injury law firm is all about. Today's younger generation does NOT want to read pages and pages of text to get their questions answered. People want fast answers to their concerns without expending too much work and time. They also want to be engaged and entertained. Video feeds right into our target clients needs. Keep up the good work Tom!