Basic Tips for Optimizing Video Content for Search Engines

Here is a simple list of some guidlines to follow for optimizing your videos for the search engines:

  • Use social bookmarking tools that will help in the visibility of the videos.
  • Keeping your video content at one place off the root directory helps in providing easy access to search engine crawlers.
  • RSS and MRSS feeds
  • Tag videos with specific keywords, even if it means tagging each scene.
  • Position your trademark logo in the video.
  • Train editors to think like video searchers
  • Encode for the ride keywords
  • Use keywords in filename
  • One video per URL
  • Add tagging
  • Surround video with on page relevant text
  • Crosslink to videos using keywords in anchor text
  • Create an optimized video site map
  • Upload videos to search engines
  • Add informative Meta data
  • Allow video files to be embedded and include a logo

As for some specific parameters for video SEO:

  • Video Files Metadata Optimization
    • Talking the source video file and infusing it with your keyword triggers in the Title, Description, and Keywords tags.
    • Make sure your video is the main feature on a page and surround it with relevant text and embedded links.
  • Upload Optimization
    • These type of video search engines required that your upload your video search files.
    • Add a social flair by getting your "friends" to submit or vote for you on the social media sites.
  • RSS Optimization
    • Submit your video to RSS and MRSS.

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