Bandwidth Virtualization Technology Explained - Infinera's Bandwidth Virtualization

We all know that internet users are watching videos more and more with each research report that is released. See "Google Sites' Share of Online Video Market Expands to 31 Percent in November 2007," press release published Jan. 17, 2008 at

As the demand for professional video content grows and as users continue to consume online multimedia content, there are challenges wiwth regard to network speed and response times. Infinera has announced the launch of Bandwidth Virtualization for industry-leading speed and flexibility to meet the needs of the Internet for a faster, more responsive Internet today and in the future.

To illustrate the challenges posed to technologists and network operators, Infinera commissioned a video entitled "Bandwidth Virtualization: An Architecture for Today's Internet." In the video, Infinera customers Equinix and XO Communications and Infinera CEO Jagdeep Singh explain the benefits of this new technology and its application in some of the world's most advanced networks.

Also, to further demonstrate the power with regard to video, the following details were shared regarding the video you will see below.

"The video runs nearly 9 minutes and is posted on the Infinera website in its HDTV format, where its file size is just over 7 gigabytes. The fully uncompressed HD version of the video would be 23.99 gigabytes. The video is posted on video-sharing websites YouTube and DailyMotion with a file size of just 27 megabytes. The trend to higher-quality images, compounded by the trend for more viewers to view video, and for each viewer to spend more time viewing Internet video, will create significant challenges for the world's networks and the service providers who provide those networks. We believe Bandwidth Virtualization will play a critical role in helping them meet those challenges"

Here is the Youtube Version:

[Video removed from YouTube]

They have also released a Whitepaper on the technology.Bandwidth Virtualization Technology Explained   Infineras Bandwidth Virtualization

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