On this week's Creator's Tip video, Arturo Trejo talks with us about his strategies for effectively balancing his time between every day responsibilities and family, with the time it takes to be a creator and edit his videos on a regular basis.

Arturo Trejo, of the YouTube channel Mr. Arturo Trejo, gave us his tips for keeping a good balance between real life and video creation time.

  1. The people around you have to be supportive.  Whether it's a spouse, or friends, the individuals in your life need to be supportive of what you are doing and help you realize when your life is getting off balance.
  2. Keep to a schedule.  You have to be disciplined sometimes when creating video content.  If you have committed to providing your viewers with a video a week, make sure you stick to that and don't let yourself procrastinate when it comes to finishing and editing a video and getting it posted.
  3. Prioritize your time.  Make sure you do the things you need to do first and spend quality time with family and friends - then allocate any additional time to working on your video and editing.
  4. Consistency is more important than quality.  The quality of the video is not going to be the best every single time.  But having consistent videos uploaded for your viewers is more important than every video being perfect.

QUESTION: What's your advice for balancing real life with YouTube?