Baidu Video Search - Research Report

Baidu Video Search   Research Report

Baidu co-founded with the Beijing University of Chinese Search Behavior Research Center on November 15 issued the 2007 video search industry research report for China.

Baidu, which launched its video search service back in February of this year, has issued a report based on the stats it's been tracking with regard to video search behavior in China: Here are a summary of some key findings.

  • Baidu says that on average more than 3 million individuals use video search daily.
  • Baidu's search (this, to remind you, according to Baidu) contributes over 90% of search-driven traffic to video sites, followed by Google's video search and Tencent's Soso.
  • In the video sharing category,,, and lead the market (no surprises there) with a combined market share of close to 56%.
  • Baidu puts out in front, with 22.18%, followed by with 19.98% share, and then with 13.92% share
  • "Adult-related" search terms account for (get this) 34.14% of daily search volume. This is followed by celebrity-related (14.74%), TV serial related (12.48%), and animation-related (12.21%).
  • Taiwan-created television serials rule the roost, accounting for seven of the top 10 searched TV serials. The mainland, South Korea, and Hong Kong each have only one production in the top 10.

The report ranked online video sites based on how often users searched for them on Baidu. The top ranked video portals were (22.2%), (19.9%) and (13.9%). Sina's (Nasdaq: SINA) video channel was the highest-ranking video channel on a portal, and China Telecom's (NYSE: CHA, 728.HK) ChinaVnet was the top video-on-demand (VOD) site, according to the report. According to the report, Baidu accounted for over 90 percent of search-engine generated traffic for the video portals.

Baidu began large-scale promotions of the online viewing channel ( of its video channel ( on November 14, reports Sohu quoting an insider. Baidu is running pre-roll ads in the videos, said the report. The new channel went live in August. Videos on other channels of Baidu's video site must be downloaded. Baidu cooperates with video content providers including Beijing-based for copyrights.

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