We all know that we should back up our video files on a regular basis and how disruptive and even devastating it can be to lose our entire library of video content. Even with the best of intentions, hard drives can break or we can fall out of the routine of saving our footage in the cloud. Luckily, any video files uploaded in the past to YouTube can easily be salvaged by the channel owner as the site keeps a copy of all your uploaded video content. There are two ways of retrieving these files either #1) go to video manager and download the MP4 although you can only download 2 videos per hour this way or #2) download the entire archive. We show you both options in this week's Creators Tip.

Downloading The Individual MP4 File Via Video Manager

If you just need to download a few video files then this is a quick and easy way of doing it but there are a couple of things to keep in mind: You can only download a maximum of two videos per hour and the video file will not be the original, it will be a compressed, slightly different version.

1) Go to your Video Manager, click on the down arrow next to the video that you need to download.

2) Choose the 'Download MP4' from the dropdown menu

3) Save to the folder of your choice on your desktop or laptop

4) Backup. Back up. Back up.

Downloading Your Entire Archive Collection Of Videos

If you have a substantial number of videos, or want to download more than two per hour then the best option is to download your whole collection in one go

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1) Make sure you are signed into the YouTube account that you need your video content from and then click on the the following link: https://www.google.com/takeout/#custom:youtube

2) Wait a few minutes while your videos are being analysed and counted.

3) A button will appear that asks whether you want 'Create an Archive'?. Click yes.

4) Once created, you can download the full collection to your computer.

5) Backup. Back up. Back up.

What advice or tips do you have for backing up your video files? Please let us know in the comments below!

  • carol oates

    It won't create an archive. I've tried a few times from different computers and OS. Of course google is no help. over 1000, videos.

  • Marcus Krieg

    What if you have a really big channel (1000+ videos) and your computer's hard drive can't handle that many terabytes of data? It doesn't appear to provide the option to download the archive directly to an external hard drive :(

  • http://www.edovansanten.nl/ Edo van Santen

    Does this feature also backup the titles, descriptions, tags and startup picture?

    if not do it manually.

    tip: I always save an youtube.txt file with titles, descriptions, tags in my Adobe Premiere Pro project folder, as well as the startup picture.

  • Ugh

    this is very timely as a very important video to me is missing. however....i am unable to download it because it was given a copyright strike (and countering it seems like it would be SUCH a hassle) ... ANYWAYS.. IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN DOWNLOAD THAT VIDEO?????? I need it :(

  • Josef Holm

    Very cool tip thanks Tim!

  • marquisdejolie

    Thanks! Archiving my 1,076 youtube videos now :)