OK Go Vs. Animal - Too Much Awesomeness In One Video

So the Webby Awards were a week or so ago, and two of my favorite viral video creators faced off in an epic staring contest.  OK Go versus Animal from the Muppets.  Two of the top creators of viral smash hits in a staring contest—the video of which will itself become a viral smash hit.  Awesome.

Oh, and don't forget to check out Zack Galifianakas—himself a top producer of viral hit videos, specifically his "Between Two Ferns" interview series—in the background.   He struggles mightily to keep a straight face, and yet the OK Go guys actually manage to avoid cracking up, even as Animal moves in close to intimidate them and rub noses.  Hysterical:

I'm pretty sure this means that I must somehow go to the Webby's next year, if only to be near this kind of thing that I'm just certain goes on the entire evening… viral stars hanging with viral stars, collaborating on new video creations.  Maybe Mark can score me some tickets.

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    Dog stare good!