EveryZing Launches Metadata Generation SAAS for Multimedia SEO

EveryZing Launches Metadata Generation SAAS for Multimedia SEOEveryZing, a leading video search and SEO services provider that we have covered many times in the past, today has introduced one of the coolest new services that will essentially provide multimedia publishers with an automated SEO solution for multimedia content.   This new service, named MediaCloud, is an online service that helps to automatically generate metadata for multimedia content assets.

As you can imagine, this opens a lot of doors for multimedia publishing, contextual advertising, archive video projects, and even section 508 compliance, a looming issue for media companies with online video content.

Launched as a SAS (software as a service), this new service leverages cloud computing to provide publishers with a comprehensive and automated solution for generating and managing rich metadata for content spanning video, audio, text and images.   Everyzing clients who sign up for MediaCloud will be able to submit their content via upload or via feeds and will receive back an xml-based markup that contains a universal set of relevant metadata.  Specifically, with video and audio assets, MediaCloud wil produce a time-stamped transcript for each asset.  With text articles, transcripts, and images, MediaCloud will create a unified set of categories and tags.

MediaCloud is based off EveryZing's speech-to-text and semantic language processing technology used with their other award winning services, EZSearch, EZSEO, and MetaPlayer.

Here is the annoucement from Everyzing,

EveryZing, a pioneer in universal search and video SEO (vSEO) today announced the launch of MediaCloud TM, the Internet's first cloud-based computing service for generating and managing all types of metadata. Considered the "currency" of multimedia content, metadata includes the speech transcripts, time-stamped tags, categories/topics, named entities, geo-location and tagged thumbnails that comprise the backbone of the interactive Web.

With MediaCloud, companies across the Web can post live or archived feeds of video, audio, image and text content to the cloud-based service and receive back a rich set of metadata. Prior to MediaCloud and the other solutions in EveryZing's product suite — including ezSEARCH, ezSEO, MetaPlayer and RAMP — discovery and publishing of multimedia content had been restricted to the indexing of just titles and tags.

Delivered in a software-as-a-service package, MediaCloud requires no software to purchase, install or maintain. Furthermore, customers only pay for the processing they need, while obtaining access to a service that has virtually unlimited scalability to handle even large content collections in near real-time.

"Finding video content on the Web is a hit or miss proposition because most search engines can only match text tags, not the actual video content," said Sue Feldman, IDC's VP for Search and Discovery Technologies. "Everyzing's MediaCloud automatically tags videos, making them findable by search engines, and by users. This should help media owners boost revenue by increasing consumption. It will certainly help users find what they are looking for quickly and accurately. We have found that consistent and enhanced tags can improve document retrieval immensely. For non-text searching, though, this isn't a nice-to-have — it's a must-have feature."

In beta for several months, EveryZing has already signed up a significant list of MediaCloud customers including Dow Jones Factiva, Reuters, MetroMonitor, and Newstex.

Sample customer applications include:

  • Contextual Ad Targeting – Tags created from MediaCloud were used to target ads during video viewing, expanding the quantity and value of online video inventory;
  • Universal Search & Publishing – MediaCloud generated metadata across several hundred thousand articles, videos and images for a major media company's vertical publishing efforts;
  • Video Archives – MediaCloud generated transcripts for two decades of video archives, significantly reducing time and money associated with archive retrieval;
  • Media Monitoring – MediaCloud generated transcripts and tags used to monitor large volumes of radio and television content for PR media monitoring applications;
  • Online Closed Captioning – MediaCloud generated transcripts for real-time closed captioning of live webcasts for a major global media company;
  • Voicemail-to-Text – MediaCloud generated voicemail transcripts for mobile phone to text messaging applications.

"MediaCloud is a logical next product offering for EveryZing," said Tom Wilde, EveryZing's CEO. "Our award-winning ezSEO, ezSEARCH and MetaPlayer products are all based on our core patented metadata capabilities, and MediaCloud now further opens these capabilities and allows our customers to more deeply integrate metadata into their workflow. Quite simply, MediaCloud has the unique capability to receive raw data, and quickly return back to customers the valuable information on which their businesses rely.”

MediaCloud is the most comprehensive metadata solution in the market today and includes the following core features:

  • Real-time processing of live audio and video feeds
  • Supports both broadcast and telephony metadata models
  • Geo tagging
  • Support for over 100 files formats across text, video, audio, and images
  • Automatic text alignment for time stamping of closed captioning data
  • Dynamic thumbnailing of video assets to create automatic "storyboards”
  • English (US, UK) and Spanish language support for audio and video

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