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7 Tips for Marketing to Women on YouTube [Creator's Tip #95]

Marketing a YouTube channel to women can be hard...especially for us guys. But luckily, there's a network called Kin Community out there who knows all the tips to get women watching your show, if that's the demographic you're aiming for.
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5 Effective Video Styles for Video Marketing [Creator's Tip #93]

Now that we've covered the different types of video marketing, it's time to cover the different video styles you can use for that marketing. What are the pros and cons of each of these styles? It's good to know what you're getting into before you start.

6 Types of Video Marketing and How They Work [Creator's Tip #92}

There are six types of video marketing that a business can use when attracting interest in a product. Which one works best for you? Do all of them work best for you? Are you that kind of video junkie? Read on, and discover a marketing strategy that works.
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9 Viral Video Factors to Keep In Mind When Creating Content [Creator's Tip #91]

There seem to be a lot of bullet points to cover when it comes to creating a viral video. While none of the following factors actually guarantee one, it's good to know whether or not your video has the potential to spread among the masses by checking out the qualities of past viral videos.

How to Create A Permanent Link for Your Hangouts-On-Air [Creator's Tip #90]

Do you like using Google+ Hangouts-On-Air? Sure you do. Annoyed that you can't send a link to everybody you know who might be interested well before the air date? Sure you are. Well now, there's a simple step you can take to create a permanent URL people can use at all times.
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How Video Strategies Are Affected By Old Media vs. New Media

The old media vs. new media debate rages on. But what's important to note when marketing for new media is that, despite it's similarities to old media, it's a completely different animal and should be treated as such. Old media is for the most part passive, while new media is more active.
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Two Essential Elements of Successful YouTube Channels [Creator's Tip #87]

There are two essential things you need for YouTube success, and surprise: it's not an expensive budget and high-quality visuals. What you need to do is to get people to feel like they are part of something bigger, something they are excited to be a part of, rather than just passively watching your content.