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Creators Tip 120 - How to download thumbnails from YouTube

How To Download YouTube Thumbnail Images

If you ever need to grab a thumbnail image from your own video (because you've lost, or don't have access to the original) or from someone else's video, we show two very quick ways to do that in this week's Creator's Tip.
YouTube Fan Finder Video

How-To Upload A YouTube Fan Finder Video

YouTube's Fan Finder feature allows creators to upload an ad or trailer for their channel, which YouTube will then promote via their TrueView system. On this week's Creator's Tip, we take you through the process of uploading the video so you can reach potential new subscribers.
How to post any link to your subscribers' feed

How-To Post A Website Link To Your YouTube Subscribers

Did you know that you can post a message with a link to your YouTube subscribers from within YouTube itself? This is a fantastic way of reaching out to your audience without having to create video content to do it. We show you how in this week's Creator's Tip.
move youtube new google+ page or profile

11 Key Features In YouTube's Google+ Comments Integration

In all the confusion surrounding the new YouTube comments system you may have missed some of the new features it brought along to users. In this week's Creator's Tip, we show you 11 shiny new things that came with the roll out and 2 things that have gone for good.

2013 Video Marketing Survey & Business Video Trends Report

A new report from ReelSEO, Flimp Media and The WMC confirms that 93% of marketing professionals surveyed are using video as part of their mix, with 82% stating they are very satisfied with the ROI they are seeing with their video marketing campaigns.
creators tip 116

Using Customer Service Videos To Build Loyalty And Goodwill

Video can be used almost anywhere in the customer life cycle but as part of a customer service strategy it can be absolutely invaluable in building solid relationships between a brand and their potential client base. We take a look at Nextiva, a company that's getting it right.
Creators Tip 115 - 7 Tips for Killer Instagram Marketing Videos

7 Tips for Killer Instagram Marketing Videos

More and more of us are uploading video content to Instagram but how can we ensure we are producing the best quality footage and creating the most engaging clips possible? We bring you 7 of our top tips to get the most out of this video platform.
Creators Tip 114 - How to keep Top Fans in Sync with Google+ (1)

How To Keep Your Top Fans on YouTube in Sync with Google+

The 'Top Fans' feature in your YouTube Video Manager is very closely integrated with Google +, but did you know that your Top Fans G+ circle doesn't automatically update? We show you what to do so your biggest supporters don't lose out.
Creators Tip 113 - How to learn anything about your YouTube channel (1)

How To Learn Anything About Your YouTube Channel's Performance

YouTube Analytics is a real playground full of data and fascinating reports and on this week's Creator's Tip, we take a deep dive into some of the comparison metrics you can access that may really surprise you. This kind of info will really help your video marketing strategy.
Creators Tip 112 - How To Find Whos Linking to your Videos

Who Is Sending Referral Traffic and Views to Your Videos

Outreach is a vital part of video marketing but how do you find out who is linking to your video or who has embedded that video on their site? How do you know who is sharing your content with their own followers on Twitter. We give you some tips and tricks in this week's Creators Tip.
Creators Tip 111 - YouTube Annotation Analytics Training

Getting The Most From Your YouTube Analytics Annotation Reports

Annotations are not only a ranking factor in YouTube, they are also incredibly affective for driving viewers to your other videos and to internal and external links. But how do you know if they are really working for you or not? We take a look at the YouTube Analytics Annotations reports.
Creators Tip 110 - Top 10 business youtube channels

10 Great YouTube Channels For Business Advice And Support

YouTube is a fantastic resource for those looking for business advice, support and ideas but it's not always easy to find the best videos for your specific needs. We take you through our pick of the ten business Channels.
Creators Tip 109 - How to download a backup of your YouTube channel

How To Backup your Entire YouTube Channel

Losing your collection of video files because of a hard drive or other technical failure can be devastating but luckily, if you've uploaded any of that content to YouTube in the past, then it's very easy to retrieve. Just follow the simple instructions in this week's Creators Tip!
video camera settings

7 Camera Settings to Double Check Before Shooting Video

As a filmmaker, attention to detail is critical so you can stay on top of everything in front of, and behind, the camera. Follow our 7 point checklist and get it right first time so you not only create great footage but you spend a whole lot less time in post-production.

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