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Mark Robertson is the Founder and Publisher of ReelSEO, an online information resource dedicated to the fusion of video, technology, social media, search, and internet marketing. He is a YouTube Certified, video marketing consultant and video marketing expert, popular speaker, and considered to be a passionate leader within the online video and search marketing industries.

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The Next Wave for Online Video Search Optimization

The Next Wave for Online Video Search Optimization

Last month, I was presented with an opportunity that I couldn't pass up to speak at SES San Jose 2009 . Of course, I accepted and participated on a panel along with Gregory Markel, Founder and President of InfuseCreative, David Burch, Director of Marketing for Tubemogul, and Erin Bouchier, Business Lead ...

Youtube, Web Video and SEO Reputation Management

Youtube, Web Video and SEO Reputation Management

You may have read our post titled, "What's Your Online Video SEO Reputation Worth?" about the brand, trademarks, and reputation management session at SES San Jose 2009.  We caught up with Sage Lewis, President of SageRock Digital Marketing after he was done moderating this informative session. ...

Without Video, Your Website Will NOT Rank In The Future

Without Video, Your Website Will NOT Rank In The Future

Engagement Objects Video - Bruce Clay discusses how engagement objects, like video, are crucial importance when it comes to organic and universal search.

Video Marketing IQ Quiz - Test Your Instincts

Today, EyeView launched what I think is a fun, interactive quiz designed to "test your instincts" for video marketing.  The quiz showcases several example A/B test campaigns and shares data collected about those campaigns in order to give marketers a peak into which tests produced better ...

Video SEO Tips From Aaron Wall of SEOBook

Video SEO Tips From Aaron Wall of SEOBook

This is an interview with Aaron Wall, founder of at Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2009. We spoke to Aaron about SEO Book as well as his use of videos to promote the site. Aaron provides some basic tips for Video SEO

Porn Video In Google Universal Search Results?

Today I read an interesting post over at SEORoundTable about a video that is appearing within Google universal search results for the search "Rambha."  Rambha is a famous Indian actress and according to the post, the video result has already been reported to Google by ...

Online Ad Effectiveness Rivals TV? Yep!

I just wrote (yesterday) that we need some sort of study of online video ads versus TV ads. Oddly, here's a study that did almost exactly that. They didn't focus on video advertising online, unfortunately, but they're near the mark.

Youtube Optimization Tips From Youtube's Matthew Liu

Youtube Optimization Tips From Youtubes Matthew Liu

At the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose last week, we captured some great interviews with industry leaders and conference speakers. The following is an interview with Matthew Liu, Product Manager for YouTube.  Matt talks with us about best practices for optimizing videos that are ...

TV Not Losing To Web Video Ads Anytime Soon

It has long been put forth that less being spent on TV advertising means more going to online video advertising, but a recent report from eMarketer states that it's simply not true.  We all know that our industry is growing at an amazing rate and ...

Google Gets ON2 Video Compression

Google is in the buying mood again it seems as they recently gobbled up ON2 Technologies who create high-quality video compression technology. What's that mean for the video web? One can never be certain, can one? But we'll tell you what WE think.

The Next Wave for Online Video - SES San Jose 2009

Along with the fact that ReelSEO is prud to be an official media sponsor for SES San Jose 2009 and ClickZ's Video and Social Media Strategies Forum, I am happy to announce that in addition, I will be speaking at SES on Tuesday at 11:45am-12:45pm ...

ClickZ Social Media and Video Strategies Forum Coverage

ClickZ Social Media and Video Strategies Forum Coverage

ReelSEO is proud to be a media sponsor for this year's ClickZ's Social Media and Video Strategies forum at the Search Engine Strategies conference and expo in San Jose CA, happening next week on Tues, August 11th. But more than just sponsoring the event, we'll ...

Online Video Viewership Up, Moving To TV Screen

Pew Research's Mary Madden, Senior Research Specialist, believes that the online video audience is growing. Not a big surprise. But she also believes that many are beginning to migrate away from the computer screen in favor of the television screen. The recent, and poorly named, ...

Apple's New Final Cut Studio - Quick Overview

After some time and impatient waiting on behalf of many Mac-based video editing professionals, the newest version of Final Cut Studio was realsead out in the wild last week. The studio packages up six great applications (Final Cut Pro 7, Soundtrack Pro 3, Color 1.5, ...

Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework