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Mark Robertson is the Founder and Publisher of ReelSEO, an online information resource dedicated to the fusion of video, technology, social media, search, and internet marketing. He is a YouTube Certified, video marketing consultant and video marketing expert, popular speaker, and considered to be a passionate leader within the online video and search marketing industries.

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YouTube and ReelSEO Speaking In Dallas Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 16th, I will be speaking at an event put together by the Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association along with Lane Shackleton, Product Specialist at YouTube. That's right, Im speaking along side of YouTube.  Cool, huh?

How To Publish HTML5 Video Tag With Fallback Mechanism

How To Publish HTML5 Video Tag With Fallback Mechanism

It's all the rage. A debate about codec rages on and as such we need to stay on the cutting edge. Right now the cutting edge consists of implementing it as well as deciding which video format to support. So in part 1 of the ...

Quick Tip: How To Get YouTube Thumbnail Images

Quick Tip: How To Get YouTube Thumbnail Images

The other day, when I was editing the weekly viral video roundup post, it occurred to me that it would be nice to display a thumbnail image for the post, taken from one of the videos in his review.  I thought I'd write a short post to show you ...

Real-Time, Dynamic Video Ads for Retail Advertisers

A new service from Dynamic Video is hoping to solve one of the most vexing issues direct marketing and e-commerce retail advertisers face with online video ads.  I thought I'd take a moment to talk about why I think this has tremendous potential.

How To Optimize YouTube Videos for Google News

How To Optimize YouTube Videos for Google News

On Monday (I know - sorry Im late on this), the Google News team put up a blog post titled, "Making your video news more discoverable: best practices for news publishers." with some tips and best practices on how to optimize your YouTube videos to ...

LongTailVideo Releases The First Flexible Open-Source HTML5 Video Player

Last week, LongTailVideo announced that they have created and released the open source JW Player in a new HTML 5 version (Beta) that features PNG skinning, Javascript API, fallback to flash and more. Perhaps this could become the new standard for sites looking to implement ...

Encoding Video for The Web - Encoding Webinar Replay Video

Encoding Video for The Web   Encoding Webinar Replay Video

A few weeks back on May 5th, we held our very first ReelSEO webinar event titled, "Encoding Video for the Web."  The webinar was a great success and we had more than 250 attendees join us for the first hour with more than 150 remaining ...

Hey YouTube - You've Got Some HTML/TEXT Formatting Issues

Last week, I noticed that there were some odd formatting issues with the new YouTube layout - both on the search results pages as well as on the single video landing pages.  I thought I would let it go a few days to see if ...

Free Webinar - Got Questions About Encoding Video for The Web?

UPDATE - You can watch the entire webinar replay here - Encoding Video for the Web. Please join us tomorrow, May 5th at 11am Pacific, for our free webinar all about encoding video for the web.  If you are producing video for the web and ...

YouTube Almost Hit 100 Videos Per Viewer Last Month

comScore has released their March 2010 Video Metrix numbers and one of the most fascinating things is that YouTube viewers are watching, on average, 96 videos in the month. That would be 3.2 videos per day, every day. Also, over 180 million U.S. web surfers ...