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Mark Robertson is the Founder and Publisher of ReelSEO, an online information resource dedicated to the fusion of video, technology, social media, search, and internet marketing. He is a YouTube Certified, video marketing consultant and video marketing expert, popular speaker, and considered to be a passionate leader within the online video and search marketing industries.

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Streaming Media West 2009 Recap With Dan Rayburn

Streaming Media West 2009 Recap With Dan Rayburn

As you may already know, we were delighted to be a part of this year's Streaming Media West conference and satellite conference, the Online Video Platform Summit.  In addition to my participation on the panel session titled, "Optimizing Video Search and Discoverability," Grant Crowell and I ...

Google Rolls Out Automated Captioning for YouTube Videos

Google today announced that they are adding automatic captioning capability to videos on YouTube. This is a fantastic step forward for accessibility for deaf Internet users.  Says Vice President Vint Cerf, who is hearing impaired himself:

EveryZing Moves To RAMP Focus On Content Optimization

Yesterday, EveryZing, a company that we have profiled in the past, has re-branded themselves as They made a name for themselves by helping companies optimize their video content for search discovery through speech to text recognition technology and they are now moving beyond video

YouTube Continues Search Engine Domination - Up 31% YOY

YouTube Continues Search Engine Domination   Up 31% YOY

Is anyone still wondering if search is important for video?  In November of last year, YouTube surpassed Yahoo for the first time in total U.S. search queries, making it the 2nd largest search engine in the U.S. next to only its owner, Google.  Ever since ...

Succesful Content Syndication and Aggregation Strategies

I'm at the Streaming Media West conference today in San Jose, CA and thought I would attempt some live blogging from this morning's session titled, "Successful Content Syndication and Aggregation Strategies." 

Watch Streaming Media West and Online Video Platform Summit Keynotes Live

We're just about to head over to the Streaming Media West conference in San Jose, CA. For the first time in the history of this important conference, everyone will be able to watch parts of the conference live, both here on ReelSEO (below) as well ...

Tools for YouTube Closed Captions, Subtitles and Translations

Web-Based Tools for YouTube Captions DotSub- Any video any language is the motto of this place. No fee, video subtitling site and service in a 'wiki' style. You can view, upload, transcribe and translate all right through the site. CaptionTube - Gives the ability to ...

YouTube Adds Support for 1080p Full HD Video - Sweet

This is easily the best news in weeks for video producers:  YouTube is now supporting true HD 1080p.  Yes, you read that right.  You can now upload 1080p HD videos to YouTube and share the glorious high definition quality with your friends.

Video Production Tip: How To Use A Gray Card for Great Video Exposure

Video Production Tip: How To Use A Gray Card for Great Video Exposure

I've often made the assertion that quality video production is important for successful online video marketing.  Sure, some viral videos aren't the most professional when it comes to the video production aspects, but, if you plan to produce your own videos for marketing your business, why not ...

Search Engines Are Just Waiting for Your Video Content

Today I wanted to share an interview with media agency executive Robert Davis, Interactive Marketing Director/Leader of Interactive Video for Ogilvy Interactive.  Robert tells Andy Plesser of that they have seen a tremendous rise in traffic to video content coming from search engines, especially over the ...

Video Marketing Tops Search Marketing As A #1 Priority for Brands and Agencies In 2010?

TurnHere just released some findings from a survey that they conducted in Q3 with brands and marketing agencies from a wide range of industries.  The purpose of the research study was to explore current and future trends in the use of online video amongst marketers ...

YouTube Non-Profits Get Cool New Features

Those lucky dogs, first no taxes, now new features at YouTube what's next? Free candy and beer on Sundays?

Free Interactive Video for All - Veeple Launches Interplay

Back in June, I wrote about some survey results published by Marketing Sherpa where 73% of video marketers indicated that interactive video functionality has a positive effect on the effectiveness of a video ad message (again, I wonder about the other 27% but...).  At ReelSEO, we ...

One Biiiiiiiiillion Tube Views A Day - Holy Crap

YouTube is celebrating with a special celebratory logo stating they've attained one billion videos a day. That's a whole lot of ones and zeros if you think about it.

Using Web Video Marketing With Online Press Releases

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of participating in an webinar put on by PRWeb, titled "Using Video and Multimedia in Online News Releases." The purpose of the webinar was to educate attendees on how to leverage the growing popularity of online video ...