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Grant Crowell is a veteran “social video stylist” working in video marketing since 2005. He has worked in the online marketing industry since 1996 providing digital strategies and development to enterprises and entrepreneurs of all sizes, including Video SEO, YouTube marketing, video UX best practices, performance testing, legal issues and ethics. Contact Grant @

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What's Your Online Video SEO Reputation Worth?

Whats Your Online Video SEO Reputation Worth?

I recently covered the Brand, Trademark and Reputation Management session at the Search Engine Strategies San Jose conference. The panel featured a mix of one search engine, SEM solutions providers, and attorneys discussing how online video abuse is a growing problem for businesses, how we ...

Video Intelligence – What Do Businesses Really Need?

I interview online video platform provider Veeple's CEO Scott Broomfield about his argument that businesses today need "video intelligence" – interactivity and engagement features directly within the video to make it intelligent enough for its audiences' needs and for business goals. 

Greg Jarboe - IP Extremism Vs Fair Use With Online Video

Greg Jarboe   IP Extremism Vs Fair Use With Online Video

At SES San Jose 2009, I spoke with Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder of SEO-PR, about some common legal questions and issues with regard to online video.  Greg talks about "IP extremism" – the increase of attorneys' knee-jerk legal reactions – including cease-and-desist orders and ...

Video Heatmaps, A Breakthrough for Sales Teams?

Grant Crowell of ReelSEO reviews Wistia's Video Heatmaps feature for their web-based video marketing, sales, and collaboration application.

Wistia Embedded Video Metrics – The Video Solution for SMBs?

I review the video sharing application and project management service, Wistia, and talk with CEO Chris Savage on how they are positioning themselves as an affordable top-tier business solution for the SMB crowd.

Digital Agencies and Client Challenges With Video – CIMA Recap

I recently covered the Chicago Interactive Marketing Associations' panel discussion – Creative, Technology, Media, and Analytics. The panelists of senior industry leaders debated on how creative, technology, media & analytics are converging more in interactive video marketing; and how agencies can overcome the limitations of ...

Web Video and Project Management Tools – Which Ones To Use

I review some of the most popular (and upcoming) Web-based Project management and collaboration services are providing for video content – and which features are best suited for business projects where online video is crucial to a campaign's success. Listen to our podcast episode by ...

Creative Media Agencies and Video SEO – CIMA Interview

This Thursday June 18th I'm covering the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association's (CIMA) event titled "Creative, Technology, Media, and Analytics." I recently interviewed several of the scheduled panelists, about their research and opinions on the business direction they see online video taking, agencies' and marketers' opportunities ...

Video Contests for Small Businesses: Intuit’s SMB Video Throwdown

Video Contests for Small Businesses: Intuit’s SMB Video Throwdown

Recently an old friend of my from my college days contacted me about a video contest his son and daughter in-law were finalists in, and he asked me if I would vote for their videos on the site. Turns out the contest was hosted by intuit, ...

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder Test Review Video

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder Test Review Video

Can a pocket digital camcorder produce "business-quality" online video? In other words, be what I call, a "bizsumer" camcorder? " The following video is a little test I did using the new Flip Ultra HD camcorder, where I provide some tips on how to get ...

How To Produce "Business-Quality" Online Video On A Small Business Budget

How To Produce Business Quality Online Video On A Small Business Budget

Can businesses today really create sustainable revenue and long-term profit around regularly publishing professional-quality online video, and keep their production costs well below the standards of broadcast-quality? Yes, if they're willing to be what I call "videoratis" - a video professional and publicist skilled at ...

How YouTube Destroyed The Village of Carpentersville, Illinois

How YouTube Destroyed The Village of Carpentersville, Illinois

Do you know if your municipal government is online video-friendly, or video-hostile? I get extra ranty for this week's podcast-and-article combo, exposing my former residence of Carpentersville, Illinois – 40 miles northwest of downtown Chicago – perhaps the only local government left in the entire ...

AditAll's Self-Service Video Production Platform Review – Interview

AditAlls Self Service Video Production Platform Review – Interview

I recently interviewed Arthur McKinley, VP of Marketing and Business Development for web-based self-service video creation platform AditAll. AditAll is promoting its video platform as directly suited online publishers and advertisers looking to produce short-form video and video ads quickly and affordably, saving the time ...

Clickable Video Monetization – VideoClix Interview

Clickable Video Monetization – VideoClix Interview

I recently interviewed VideoClix's CEO and "creator," Babak Maghfourian on the expo floor of adtech San Francisco, CA at the Moscone center, sharing with us about their video delivery platform for clickable revenue for both advertisers and video content publishers - a video distribution platform ...

Turning Video Value Into Real Wealth - Interview With Shelly Palmer

I recently interviewed Shelly Palmer of Advanced Media Ventures and host of MediaBytes last week after his Digital Media Boot Camp at the recent ad tech conference in San Francisco. I asked Shelly about the challenges for monetizing video content into a sustainable business model, ...