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Will 2014 Really Be The Year Of The Tech/Media Merge?

LinkedIn's Big Idea List for 2014 includes the proposition that the big tech and media companies will merge even further to produce unique, original content across different platforms. But how viable a concept is this?

Google's Eric Schmidt: YouTube Can Live Stream NFL, NBA and MLB

Google CEO Eric Schmidt states that YouTube are technically capable of live-streaming huge sporting fixtures from the NFL, MLB and NBA but will Google ever be willing to outbid the major broadcast networks for the rights to show these games on a regular basis?
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YouTube Gems: Richard Branson And The Story Of Virgin Records

With so many millions of videos on YouTube it's easy to overlook some of the wonderful stories that get hidden amongst the cats and the gaming walk throughs. We have found a great little documentary that takes us through the story of Richard Branson and Virgin Records.
JW Player - Best HTML5 & Flash Online Video Player

LongTail Rebrands As JW Player: 6 Billion Views Generated In September 2013

The world's most popular video platform, LongTail, has rebranded as JW Player, the name that most of its users are already familiar with. The player generated 6 billion views across 2.5 million websites in September 2013 and the company predicts further growth as the demand for mobile video grows.
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How Three Brands Used YouTube To Get A Head Start On The Holiday Season

There are a variety of ways to use paid advertising on YouTube to reach your potential customers and in the run up to the holiday season, we take a look at three case studies from 2012. The three brands used different methods but all worked for them in terms of an increase in sales and brand visibility.
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The BBC Has Much To Fear From YouTube - Or Does It?

Is YouTube a real threat to mainstream television broadcasting? The BBC, one of the oldest and most respected companies in the world posed this question in a bid to understand how YouTube culture works and what that means for us all.