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By day, Daisy Whitney is a producer, on-air correspondent, podcaster and raconteur in the new media business. She produces conferences for iMedia and provides strategy consulting to businesses on their online video presence and the online video marketplace. As a reporter, Daisy covers new media for NBC’s KNTV, ABCNews.com, Beet.TV, MediaPost and others. She also hosts the top-ranked iTunes audio podcast “This Week in Media,” which you should totally subscribe to.

Recent Posts by Daisy Whitney:

The New Frontier for IPads and EReaders – Media Minute

We just posted a fairly critical overview of the iPad after its announcement and I think this week's New Media Minute offers a compelling reason why the iPad may actually succeed.

Twitter Plans Media Partner API, Analytics and More… for 2010

Social media is a fast-growing advertising and marketing medium and it's one that media companies, brands, producers and individuals want to better understand and leverage. If you're keen to grow your Twitter following, use the platform most effectively, and analyze your tweets, then you'll want …

The Future of Television Is International – Report From NATPE

International expansion is going to be vital to the growth of the cable and network TV business over the next several years.  At the NATPE conference in Las Vegas, I interviewed Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav.  David talked about the opportunities in markets like India, …

Google and Apple Battle for The Handset Win – Let The SmartPhone Wars Begin!

Google's Android cell phones are quickly closing the gap on Apple's iPhone, according to new research from eMarketer. In the fourth quarter, the proportion of potential smartphone buyers who said they were going to purchase an Android jumped from 6% to 21%, surpassing blackberry for the …

Marketers Focus On Videos Ads Online, Aim To Develop Own Audiences

Why rent an audience when you can buy your own? That's the new philosophy of marketers who are spending money this year to build out a social networking presence through "earned" media rather than paid media.  Some advertisers, like Pepsi, are pouring marketing dollars into …

5 Media Trends and Rising Stars To Watch for In 2010

Now that the new decade has started, what new media trends should you be looking out for? In this first New Media Minute of the year, Daisy Whitney shares five trends and five companies that exemplify them.

The 2009 Media Minute Award of Excellence Goes To…

At this time last year in the New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney picked five new media companies to watch in 2009: Kaltura, My Damn Channel, Quantcast, 5min and Boxee. They all had good years and made news, but only one can be the winner of the first ever New Media …

What’s Next for Media In 2010 – Media Minute

What's the next big thing in new media? To answer that question, Daisy Whitney of the New Media Minute turned to Bill Tancer, author of of Click and the research guru at online audience measurement firm Hitwise.

Media Minute: The Easter Bunny Hates You Rises Again

Remember that epic viral video hit The Easter Bunny Hates You? Well, it's one of the best ever and now the creators of that video — Black 20 — have paired up with Fox Television Studios' new digital shop 15 Gigs in a development deal.

Nalts’ Cuddly Tips and Strategies for YouTube Video Success

Viral video is dead. Long live low production values. The cheaper the better. Don't cuddle it to death, let go of your brand persona.  Those are the sage words of Kevin Nalty, who is an online video strategist, a career marketer, and a YouTube star …

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