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Gumroad Announces Online Streaming Feature

Gumroad, a platform for selling digital media, has added live streaming video to the mix. Content creators can now monetize their videos on the service, which will be taking a somewhat smaller fee than usual when it comes to this sort of thing.
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Organize Your YouTube Subscriptions With New Collections Feature

YouTube has made it so that you can organize your subscriptions into basically what amounts to a playlist, or at least a set of categories so that you can clean up the left side of your subscription feed. It's called "Collections" and it's a pretty nifty feature.
old school

YouTube Adds A Dose of SloMo to YouTube Editor

YouTube introduces SloMo to their YouTube Editor! Now you can totally take that video that is ridiculously normal in its speed and make it slower! SloMo videos tend to be a pretty cool spectacle on YouTube, so it's no surprise that they're adding it to their in-house editor.

New Arrested Development Shows the Effect of Raised Expectations

The new season of Arrested Development came with lots of high hopes and expectations. And like all things where fans demand to be entertained exactly as they were before, those hopes and dreams were given a reality check. However, this season of Arrested Development is just as good. It's just different.
cnn buzz

Buzzfeed, CNN Team to Create YouTube Channel

Buzzfeed and CNN are partnering to create a new YouTube channel. We can probably expect some list-based videos courtesy of CNN soon. Anyway, Buzzfeed is looking to align themselves with the relevance of CNN, while CNN looks to be cool with the 18-34 set.
suicide prevention video

Suicide Prevention Video Ad Gives A Reason Not to Skip

Skippable pre-roll ads can be controversial. Are they delivering advertisers what they want? Are people smacking these things down like the outdated overlays? We've seen a few content creators and advertisers find creative ways to work with skippable ads. The Belgium Suicide Prevention hotline is the latest.
memorial day food

Memorial Day YouTube Food Videos for Your Awesome Cookout

We'd like to thank the men and women who have died for our country. And, as we do in America, we say thanks, and have epic cookouts! Looking for some food ideas for Memorial Day, or at least how to make them? Here are a few YouTube videos for your Memorial Day cookouts: burgers, corn, desserts, and drinks.

Smosh Hits Inevitable 10 Million Subscriber Mark

Smosh hit 10 million subscribers. It was pretty inevitable. Will this channel ever hit the wall? Also, there are other channels growing at an amazing rate that could overtake Smosh in the future if they continue at their rates.
zombie drive thru

Superman, Star Wars, and Zombies: Fun Video Friday

Did you ever want to see what would happen if Superman kicked a man in the balls? Did you really want to see Patton Oswalt's Star Wars filibuster from Parks & Recreation to come to life? Did you ever want to see a zombie feed on brains in a drive thru? Look no further.

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

comScore released their April Video Metrix and the ad boom continues, as we saw yet another record amount of ads last month. Virtually everything stays the same from March in total videos viewed, unique viewers, and so on.
alcoholic ads

Video and Alcohol: What Beer, Wines, and Spirits Need to Keep In Mind

Unruly has found some interesting things out about video and the alcohol industry. Namely, they should be using it a lot more. Only four ads make up 97 percent of the entire social video market. Many brands are missing out on some great opportunities.

Revision3, Discovery Launch TestTube Digital Network

Revision3 and Discovery are launching a new digital network called TestTube. It has all the types of shows you'd expect from the geeky/nerdy set that help us learn more about our world and maybe even laugh in the process.
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Three Professional Ways to Light Faces

You've probably heard of three-point lighting and you use it to perfection. However, if you want to really look pro, you can change the way your key light shines on your subjects' faces to create a desired dramatic or more flattering look. Introducing short, split, and butterfly lighting.

YouTube Will Soon Take Google+ Page Integration Out of Beta

The Google+ page/YouTube channel integration has been in beta for about a month now, and YouTube is getting closer to opening it up to everyone. There will soon be an option for everyone to make the connection in the next few weeks.
youtube next vlogger

YouTube Announces 2013 Next Vlogger Winners

YouTube has announced the winners of the Next Vlogger 2013 contest. 15 lucky winners will now receive $4,000 in production stuff, a Google+ Hangout workshop series with experts in the field, and the chance to collaborate with a whole bunch of other vloggers around the world.

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