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Video Engagement: Vice CEO Shane Smith Talks to Think Insights

Vice's CEO Shane Smith talked to Google's Think Insights about video engagement. Video engagement is all about creating content for a community of people looking for entertainment directed at their interests. And that goes hand-in-hand with attracting advertisers who covet that audience.
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YouTube Pro Series Kicks Off with Four Videos: Working with Advertisers

YouTube kicked off their Pro Series with four videos with established YouTubers talking about "Working with Advertisers." One of the strange things when you start becoming kind of a big deal is when advertisers approach you. What do you do to get the deal? And do you tailor your content for them?
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How to Back-Light the Subject of Your Video [Reel Rebel #43]

Backlighting the subjects of your video can raise production value in many ways, and we're going to give you three of them. Backlighting can raise the production value of your videos and...well, just make your videos look cool.

What Is PewDiePie? It Will Be the Top Channel on YouTube in Months

PewDiePie will be the #1 channel on YouTube in a few months. What is the secret of his success? It's pretty much coming out with lots of content that is innately popular on YouTube, way more than anybody in the current top 5 currently produces.
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YouTube Copyright Law As Explained By Puppets from Glove & Boots

YouTube got the Glove & Boots gang to explain an often confusing topic: copyright law as it pertains to YouTube. A boring topic turns extremely entertaining when these puppets get into the topics of takedown notices, ContentID, and Fair Use.