Chris Atkinson

dollar shave

Top Ten Ads on YouTube for June 2013

YouTube has released their top 10 ads for June. Included is Samsung's collaborations with Usher and Jay-Z, two ads featuring Despicable Me 2, Pepsi's levitation stunt, and fantastically, Dollar Shave Club's "One Wipe Charlies" ad.
dog goldberg beneful

New Dog Food Ad Goes All Rube Goldberg FTW

A new Beneful ad has gone the Rube Goldberg route, which is both overused and hard to pull off, but ultimately, fun to watch. And this one requires trained dogs to do some of the work to keep it going. While it's nothing new, it's worth taking a look at a brand doing something other than traditional advertising.
vevo youtube

YouTube, VEVO to Continue Making Sweet Music Together

YouTube and VEVO have agreed to a deal to keep the music network playing their videos on the site. After months of speculation as to where VEVO would end up, both parties agreed to keep their lucrative relationship alive, which is totally the right thing to do.

Make Your Videos Contagious, Mental Floss Director Says

Mark Olsen of Mental Floss wrote a guest post on Shutterstock that gives five good things to consider when running your YouTube channel. Consideration for the audience is a prevalent theme through all of these tips, whether it's consistent scheduling or making good use of their time.