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how to train dragon

Netflix Looks to Dreamworks Animation for More Original Content

Netflix continues their run on original content, as they strike a deal with Dreamworks Animation, the guys behind Shrek, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon, to be the exclusive provider of TV-like episodes of Dreamworks Animation originals.
bad news

A Dose of Bad News for Online Video Advertising

What to we believe when it comes to online video advertising? Is it moving up the way it should, or does it need to be TV-sized to be a success? The way numbers are presented and opined upon, it's hard to know exactly where the industry stands.
adobe prank

Adobe Pulls A Beautiful Video Photoshop Prank: Advertises and Entertains

These are the kinds of ads we love at ReelSEO: find a way to put your product front-and-center without directly advertising it, making it the main cog of the plot, and creating an interesting story around it. Adobe's Street Retouch Prank manages to do all of these things.
call of duty

You Chose to Watch These Videos: Ads Leaderboard for May 2013

Adweek has released their Top 10 Ad Leaderboard for May 2013. In addition to "Big Gas Savings" and "Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy," we have the usual 1-2 punch from Old Spice and Terry Crews, several video game-related trailers, and a little bit of rum.

Hate the New YouTube Design? Here's Catharsis

HowToBasic has a very entertaining, and very cathartic, way to return to the old YouTube design. Hate the new design? Just watch this video and be amazed at what you can do to defeat the new YouTube One Channel. You'll probably have to watch it more than once to get the concept.
movie previews box office

Do YouTube Movie Trailer Searches Correlate to Box Office Success?

Are YouTube search queries an indicator of a movie's success? It should come as no surprise that the most popular movies are also the one people search for the most, but how predictive are they when you compare the data between different movies? Google found some answers.
how to make a viral

A Humorous Look at 'How to Make A Viral'

It's interesting trying to figure out "how to make a viral video." Chances are, though, if you have "viral" in mind while making a video you're probably not thinking the right way. Anyway, here's a video from Hunka Wunda (and bonus vids from Daily Grace and Nigahiga) that tell you the secrets of viral video creation.