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What Is PewDiePie? It Will Be the Top Channel on YouTube in Months

PewDiePie will be the #1 channel on YouTube in a few months. What is the secret of his success? It's pretty much coming out with lots of content that is innately popular on YouTube, way more than anybody in the current top 5 currently produces.
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YouTube Copyright Law As Explained By Puppets from Glove & Boots

YouTube got the Glove & Boots gang to explain an often confusing topic: copyright law as it pertains to YouTube. A boring topic turns extremely entertaining when these puppets get into the topics of takedown notices, ContentID, and Fair Use.
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YouTube Pre-Loading, Parallel Processing & Mobile Improvements

YouTube is making some changes to how the watch page and everything else that has to load before you actually watch a video, cutting the time from clicking to watching to something they hope gets around 200 ms, the time at which the human brain still detects a delay.

You Can Watch Wimbledon Live Now on YouTube

Major tennis tournament Wimbledon is being streamed on YouTube this year, starting today. See the likes of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Andy Murray and a whole lot more compete for a championship on your desktop or mobile device.
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Channing Tatum Becomes A Verb and A Noun [Fun Video Friday]

By the end of today's Fun Video Friday, you will know all about "Channing All Over Your Tatum." Or maybe not. Or maybe the prospect of learning what it is will cause you to skip the video entirely. A star-studded set of videos coming your way.
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Fullscreen to Manage America's Funniest Home Videos YouTube Channel

Fullscreen is going to manage America's Funniest Home Videos' (AFV) channel, after inking a deal with AFV company FishBowl. The deal illustrates that you may have content that is perfectly tailored for YouTube, but you may still not know how to market it there.
mobile invideo programming

YouTube's InVideo Programming Now on Mobile

YouTube's InVideo Programming is now on mobile. Introduced to the mothership back in October, the feature allows creators to bring up a thumbnail during a video that either connects to another video or displays the channel's branding.

Advertisers to Become Part of YouTube Partner Program

YouTube is announcing a partner program for advertisers. Set to take place in September, the pilot program will invite a few brands out to Los Angeles to learn how to create content specifically for YouTube. Pepsi, GE, Johnson & Johnson, and American Express will form the inaugural group.
apple making a difference

Apple Video Finds Emotionally Compelling Stories in Apps

Apple's "Making A Difference...One App at a Time" is a great example of telling stories and compelling audiences rather than strictly saying "Look at us and all these great things we can do!" type of ad. Finding an emotional resonance in your video is one of the chief aspects you look for in video creation.

Charity: Water Shows How Video E-Mail Campaigns Can Be Successful

A recent study in the e-mail video campaign of charity: water sheds light on how to create an e-mail campaign that works, that compels rather than annoys. The trick: only send to people who want to receive these e-mails, don't ask for the money, and compel people to want to help.

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