Chris Atkinson


Fun Video Friday: Summit Edition

Fun Video Friday: Summit Edition has Saturday Night Live actors who can't stay in character, Vsauce asks where your data goes when you delete it on your computer, and Rhett & Link know what women want...oh yayuh...
geek week

YouTube Celebrates the Geeky with Geek Week in August

YouTube is going to try to make another "week," this time celebrating geek culture. Their "Comedy Week" was met mostly with awful reviews, but Geek Week should be able to turn it around for theme weeks, because it's more a celebration than pressure to "be" something.
paid subscription channels

Way Too Early to Judge Success of YouTube Paid Subscriptions

Not really a big surprise, but some YouTube paid subscription channels are finding it tough getting subscribers. The obvious reason is that people don't want to pay the money, but there are numerous other factors in creating a successful channel that even free channels have to consider.
new youtube layout jun13

Could We See A Center-Aligned YouTube Soon (Again)?

A new YouTube layout has been spotted--no don't worry, it's not another complete overhaul, yet, but it does center the videos on the page. It also relocates some of your channel commands and such to a more out-of-the-way, but easy-to-use, place.