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Stabilize Shaky Footage with Adobe Premiere [Reel Rebel #45]

So you have some footage that has just a little more shake than you'd like. Fortunately for you, you have some options in post-production through Adobe Premiere's Warp Stabilizer feature. Just remember, fix that before you get to this point next time.
kids react

Fine Bros. Focus 'Kids React' to 'Controversial' Cheerios Ad

The Fine Bros. got kids to react to the "controversial" Cheerios ad showing a biracial couple. The reactions, without any context given to them beforehand, are awesome. It's a small sample size of children, but maybe we have hope as a human race.
hulu year end

The Online TV Network That Cried Wolf: Hulu Doesn't Sell Again

Hulu didn't sell again. Back in 2011, it looked like it was hot to sell and then it pulled out at the last minute. And this year, it looked like it was hot to sell again. But Hulu has proven to be one big tease again in 2013.
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Video Overload: Funnest Friday Ever [Fun Video Friday]

Quite possibly the most videos we've ever compiled for Fun Video Friday. This week was chock full of entertaining bits, and it was hard to keep track of them all, but darned if we tried. This compilation will keep you more than occupied today and over the weekend.
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How to Create the Sin City Effect in Adobe Premiere [ReelRebel #44]

Getting that black and white and just one other color effect is easy when you follow these steps in Adobe Premiere (Final Cut Pro is similar). It's a color correction technique that has been used in movies like Sin City and Pleasantville and you can use it when you want to do something a little creative with your video.

Smosh First to 11 Million, PewDiePie Second to 10 Million

Smosh hit 11 million subscribers over the weekend. And with a fast and furious subscriber rate, PewDiePie just hit 10 million. It's only a matter of time before this channel overtakes Smosh as the number one channel on YouTube.
bet raise fold

Bet Raise Fold Documentary Gives the Lowdown on Poker Life, Black Friday

Bet Raise Fold comes from filmmakers Taylor Caby, Jason Rosenkrantz, and Ryan Firpo, who do a great job uncovering the reasons for what is known as "Black Friday" in the online poker world, and how it affects three players who relied on online poker to make a living.
dollar shave

Top Ten Ads on YouTube for June 2013

YouTube has released their top 10 ads for June. Included is Samsung's collaborations with Usher and Jay-Z, two ads featuring Despicable Me 2, Pepsi's levitation stunt, and fantastically, Dollar Shave Club's "One Wipe Charlies" ad.
justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake's 'Nude' YouTube Video: Why Is This Not OK?

Justin Timberlake's new video for "Tunnel Vision" has naked women in it. And it got banned. And then it got back on YouTube with an age-restriction warning. Of course this was done on purpose, but how big a deal is it? Respect should go both ways.