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Smosh First to 11 Million, PewDiePie Second to 10 Million

Smosh hit 11 million subscribers over the weekend. And with a fast and furious subscriber rate, PewDiePie just hit 10 million. It's only a matter of time before this channel overtakes Smosh as the number one channel on YouTube.
bet raise fold

Bet Raise Fold Documentary Gives the Lowdown on Poker Life, Black Friday

Bet Raise Fold comes from filmmakers Taylor Caby, Jason Rosenkrantz, and Ryan Firpo, who do a great job uncovering the reasons for what is known as "Black Friday" in the online poker world, and how it affects three players who relied on online poker to make a living.
dollar shave

Top Ten Ads on YouTube for June 2013

YouTube has released their top 10 ads for June. Included is Samsung's collaborations with Usher and Jay-Z, two ads featuring Despicable Me 2, Pepsi's levitation stunt, and fantastically, Dollar Shave Club's "One Wipe Charlies" ad.
justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake's 'Nude' YouTube Video: Why Is This Not OK?

Justin Timberlake's new video for "Tunnel Vision" has naked women in it. And it got banned. And then it got back on YouTube with an age-restriction warning. Of course this was done on purpose, but how big a deal is it? Respect should go both ways.
vsauce creepy

Summer Beats, Trick Shots, and RC Battles [Fun Video Friday]

On this edition of Fun Video Friday, we finally figure out what the European Union is...sort of. And why things are creepy...sort of. And why One Direction exists...sort of. There's never any certainty in this world, except that these videos are fun to watch, and it's Friday.
vine bird

Vine's New Update Makes Discovery Easier, Includes Better Camera, Revines

Vine's update looks towards discovery while improving the camera features. Now included in the Vine app are categories, On the Rise, Revines, and more. While the update is certainly in response to all the news about Instagram, Vine doesn't need to "beat" them and will do well by keeping the updates coming
dog goldberg beneful

New Dog Food Ad Goes All Rube Goldberg FTW

A new Beneful ad has gone the Rube Goldberg route, which is both overused and hard to pull off, but ultimately, fun to watch. And this one requires trained dogs to do some of the work to keep it going. While it's nothing new, it's worth taking a look at a brand doing something other than traditional advertising.
vevo youtube

YouTube, VEVO to Continue Making Sweet Music Together

YouTube and VEVO have agreed to a deal to keep the music network playing their videos on the site. After months of speculation as to where VEVO would end up, both parties agreed to keep their lucrative relationship alive, which is totally the right thing to do.

Make Your Videos Contagious, Mental Floss Director Says

Mark Olsen of Mental Floss wrote a guest post on Shutterstock that gives five good things to consider when running your YouTube channel. Consideration for the audience is a prevalent theme through all of these tips, whether it's consistent scheduling or making good use of their time.

Video Engagement: Vice CEO Shane Smith Talks to Think Insights

Vice's CEO Shane Smith talked to Google's Think Insights about video engagement. Video engagement is all about creating content for a community of people looking for entertainment directed at their interests. And that goes hand-in-hand with attracting advertisers who covet that audience.
youtube pro series

YouTube Pro Series Kicks Off with Four Videos: Working with Advertisers

YouTube kicked off their Pro Series with four videos with established YouTubers talking about "Working with Advertisers." One of the strange things when you start becoming kind of a big deal is when advertisers approach you. What do you do to get the deal? And do you tailor your content for them?
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How to Back-Light the Subject of Your Video

Backlighting the subjects of your video can raise production value in many ways, and we're going to give you three of them. Backlighting can raise the production value of your videos and...well, just make your videos look cool.

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