Chris Atkinson


A Look at YouTube 'Tip Jar'-Style Services

Recently, Patreon and Subbable came into being in order for creators to offer a unique opportunity: subscribers, fans, followers, etc. could, if they were so inclined, pay for the content they could easily watch for free. We take a look at four of these services, all with their slight differences.
vine compilation

Vine Compilation Shows All the Fun We're Having in 6 Seconds

You really like Vine...but sometimes you'd like to see a whole bunch of Vines strung together into one big mega-video. And they're all the "Greatest of 2013," or so says the title. Sometimes, actually most of the time, video is just about having fun.
jason calacanis feature

The Remodeling of YouTube Deals: Jason Calacanis at VidCon: Points and Counterpoints

Jason Calacanis gave a keynote that touched on many of the points of his controversial, "I Ain't Gonna Work on YouTube's Farm No More" post. It comes off more level-headed than the post does, and he looks like he's searching for answers, but of course there is plenty of disagreement with his suggestions.
mixbit feature

YouTube Founders Introduce Mixbit to Compete with Vine and Instagram

Another social video app has arrived to compete with Vine and Instagram video: Mixbit, created by YouTube co-founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. Announced way back on April 1, this could have been taken as an April Fools joke, but it is now a reality.
reelseo spottrender winners

Winning Video Entries from the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit

During the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, we teamed with Spot Trender to create a contest for best videos in categories such as B2C, B2B, and PSA. Spot Trender used a reaction graph to select the winners. Would you like to see who won? Read on.
#47_How To Blur Faces

How to Blur Faces in Adobe Premiere [ReelRebel #47]

There are many reasons to blur out people's faces: protect their identity or privacy, or if they didn't sign a talent release for your broadcast. You can use it any time you need to blur anything out. This is how to use it in Adobe Premiere.