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panhandler prank

Fun Video Friday: VidCon Edition

In this week's Fun Video Friday: we see a panhandler who is not, I repeat, not looking for change. Rhett, Link, Key, and Peele all show us how to take a photo. A bear steals dumpsters. ZeFrank takes us into the world of owls. These videos will just put a smile on that face.
video summit intro

Video is No Longer an Option, It's Go**amn Mandatory

Visitors to the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit were given a strong introduction to the proceedings with a video from Bonfire Labs, which declared that, "Video Is Mandatory." Here's a look at the video, and once you've seen video mandatory?
youtube networks

Managers and MCNs Highlight YouTube's Second Pro Series

YouTube's second Pro Series involves the hot-button issue of joining an agency or network. All the benefits, warning signs, and how to deal with your agency are covered in the new series, which spans five videos and includes Mystery Guitar Man and his MCN, Big Frame.

Fun Video Friday: Summit Edition

Fun Video Friday: Summit Edition has Saturday Night Live actors who can't stay in character, Vsauce asks where your data goes when you delete it on your computer, and Rhett & Link know what women want...oh yayuh...

How Brands Market Video on YouTube: Interview with Google's Suzie Reider

We talked to Google/YouTube's Suzie Reider, Director of Media Solutions, also our keynote speaker at the ReelSEO Marketing Summit this Friday. What exactly do brands need to keep in mind when creating content for YouTube? Suzie's got some stats, tips, and top-notch info for us to consider.
geek week

YouTube Celebrates the Geeky with Geek Week in August

YouTube is going to try to make another "week," this time celebrating geek culture. Their "Comedy Week" was met mostly with awful reviews, but Geek Week should be able to turn it around for theme weeks, because it's more a celebration than pressure to "be" something.

Video Sharing Increased in Q2 2013, Thanks to Three Big Ads

Video sharing increased 7 percent in 2013's Q2, according to a new white paper released by Unruly. Sharing in Q2 beat the Super Bowl-dominated Q1 on the basis of three out-of-this-world showings from the ubiquitous ads released by Dove, Evian, and Kmart.
youtube subscribe

You Can Now Embed the YouTube Subscribe Button on Your Website

YouTube has made their subscribe button embeddable on your website. While there were tricks in the past to accomplish this goal, now YouTube has made it very simple, with a really easy script you can now apply to your site.
paid subscription channels

Way Too Early to Judge Success of YouTube Paid Subscriptions

Not really a big surprise, but some YouTube paid subscription channels are finding it tough getting subscribers. The obvious reason is that people don't want to pay the money, but there are numerous other factors in creating a successful channel that even free channels have to consider.
new youtube layout jun13

Could We See A Center-Aligned YouTube Soon (Again)?

A new YouTube layout has been spotted--no don't worry, it's not another complete overhaul, yet, but it does center the videos on the page. It also relocates some of your channel commands and such to a more out-of-the-way, but easy-to-use, place.