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Yahoo! to Unload Tons of Content All at Once This Fall

Yahoo! is releasing 8 new series (planned around their SNL sketch acquisition) on September 9, and unlike most web series, it's being unloaded all at once on that day. Yahoo! is launching 1,000 hours of content on the same day. It's the first time an ad-supported platform has done this.

EyeMotion Finds the Video Win-Win Scenario with Limelight [Case Study]

In the panel Reel Case Studies--The Anatomy of Successful Video Marketing at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, we were presented three great case studies where video drove up revenues and became a win-win for all involved. The first study is EyeMotion, presented by Limelight.
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Maker Buys Blip: Now Has Reach Outside of YouTube

Maker Studios has bought video platform Blip, which gives them a place outside of YouTube to generate ad revenue. It will be interesting to see if they can attract viewers off of YouTube and onto Blip, or at least make the kind of revenue they need to make off of YouTube to be viable.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques & Tips for Video Production [ReelRebel #49]

Lighting outside can be a little bit of a pain sometimes, since the sun is always moving, cloud cover is always changing, it could rain, there are unexpected temperature changes...but, knowing how to use diffusers and reflectors outside can make your day a little more manageable.

ComScore Releases July 2013 Online Video Rankings

ComScore's released their July 2013 Online Video Rankings. Not much changed from last month, ads continue to be strong, and Google Sites (aka YouTube) rule the online video world, as usual. There was a total overall increase in views but this online video machine is just humming along.

Creative Approaches to Video Storytelling for Brands

We had representatives at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit from major digital production agencies Mekanism, Adjust Your Set, Salesforce, Portal A, and New Antics talk about the value of storytelling and their interactions with brands when they pitch ideas. There is a tremendous wealth of information here.
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How PewDiePie Made It to the Top of YouTube's Subscriber Throne [Video]

Yeah, you might be over the age of 25 (or even 18) and wonder how PewDiePie did it. But there wasn't any magic to it. He makes videos every day that young people watch, 15-20 minutes a day. And believe me, YouTube's algorithm noticed. The Game Theorists' video illustrates this perfectly.

YouTube Experimenting with 'No Ads' Cookie...For Fun?

YouTube is experimenting with a cookie that removes ads from the site. Who knows their real intentions here, but they're likely testing the user experience in some way. Eagle-eyed cookie monsters are implementing the code into their browsers while it lasts.

PewDiePie Is the New #1, Dethroning 7-Month Smosh Reign

It was inevitable: PewDiePie glided past Smosh for the #1 most-subscribed YouTube channel. Meanwhile...PewDiePie's reign may be threatened by...YouTube? Will that even count? Anyway, video gamecasting is huge and it didn't need proof, but it's now at #1.
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Top YouTuber Michelle Phan Gets Her Own Makeup Brand

Michelle Phan released a makeup brand all her own, after two years of development. While many YouTubers have seen a new level of interest generated by TV deals, Phan's new makeup line shows there are plenty of other ways to say, "I've arrived!"
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Cuteness Reigns, You Cannot Stop the Cuteness: Fun Video Friday

In this Fun Video Friday, we see a commercial for women made by women telling women exactly what they want in life: yogurt and birth control...all rolled into one...and don't forget that racial diversity! Also, the usual: music, comedy, and science make their regular appearance.
Umbrella Lights Vs. Soft Box Lights

Umbrella Vs. Soft Box Lighting for Video [Reel Rebel #48]

Soft box lighting and umbrella lighting aren't lights...they're light diffusion. So which one is better for your shoot? Here are some rules-of-thumb, but in the end, you'll need to test them both out to get that look you need. Understanding what they are is half the battle.
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This Is What YouTube Is Really Like [Video]

A new video "welcomes us to YouTube." While we've heard all the complaints about the platform before, it's always fun to see another satirical look at the world of YouTube, in which many people have formed a love/hate relationship.