August Video Watching Online Tops Everything Previous

Another month has come and gone and comScore tells it was the best ever. Better than the previous best month which was the month before the best month ever even though it too was, at the time, the best month ever. Confused? Don't be, just keep reading.August was, to date, the largest online video viewing audience and the most videos ever viewed in a month. That means over 25 billion videos and Google's properties accounted for 40% of that. Other notables in the top ten include standards like Hulu, FOX and Yahoo... Here's the quick list of sites with most videos viewed.


Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties*

by Videos Viewed August 2009

Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations

Source: comScore Video Metrix

Property           Videos (000)      Share (%)

of Videos

Total Internet       25,366,195          100.0

Google Sites         10,051,924           39.6

Microsoft Sites         546,547            2.2

Viacom Digital          539,471            2.1

Hulu                    488,255            1.9

Fox Interactive Media   380,115            1.5

Yahoo! Sites            355,226            1.4

Turner Network          298,991            1.2

CBS Interactive         168,993            0.7

Disney Online           162,934            0.6

AOL LLC                 156,871            0.6

*Rankings based on video content sites; excludes video server networks.  Online video includes both streaming and progressive download video.


In regards to number of viewers, Google and Microsoft also held the 1, 2 punch at the top but Yahoo slid into third and Facebook poked it's head up over the fence and showed up in 10th.


Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties* by Unique Viewers

August 2009

Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations

Source: comScore Video Metrix

Property             Unique Viewers (000)    Average Videos

per Viewer

Total Internet                    161,109             157.4

Google Sites                      121,393              82.8

Microsoft Sites                    54,859              10.0

Yahoo! Sites                       51,583               6.9

Fox Interactive Media              48,914               7.8

Viacom Digital                     42,415              12.7

Hulu                               38,513              12.7

CBS Interactive                    35,688               4.7

Turner Network                     28,151              10.6

AOL LLC                            28,092               5.6                       24,229               4.1

*Rankings based on video content sites; excludes video server networks.  Online video includes both streaming and progressive download video.


Top Video Ad Networks by Potential Reach

In August, Tremor Media ranked as the #1 video ad network with a potential reach of 68 million viewers, or 42.2 percent of the total viewing audience. YuMe Video Network ranked second with a potential reach of 59.1 million viewers (36.7 percent penetration) followed by ScanScout Network with 57.6 million viewers (35.7 percent).


Top U.S. Online Video Ad Networks by Potential Unique Viewers

August 2009

Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations

Source: comScore Video Metrix

Property                                             Unique Viewers (000)     Viewer Penetration

Total Internet : Total Audience                                   161,109                  100.0

Tremor Media - Potential Reach                                     68,010                   42.2

YuMe Video Network - Potential Reach                               59,100                   36.7

ScanScout Network - Potential Reach                                57,581                   35.7

Broadband Enterprises Video Network - Potential Reach              54,858                   34.1

BrightRoll Video Network - Potential Reach                         53,369                   33.1 Video Network - Potential Reach                    52,996                   32.9

SpotXchange Video Ad Network - Potential Reach                     47,304                   29.4

Break Media Video Ad Network - Potential Reach                     35,672                   22.1

Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) - Potential Reach                 26,537                   16.5

TidalTV – Potential Reach                                          21,101                   13.1


Tremor, Brightroll and BroadBandEnterprises were the top three video ad networks for actual delivered reach.

Other quick facts from comScore's August report:

  • 81.6 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
  • The average online video viewer watched 582 minutes of video, or 9.7 hours.
  • 120.5 million viewers watched nearly 10 billion videos on (82.6 videos per viewer).
  • 44.9 million viewers watched 340 million videos on (7.6 videos per viewer).
  • The average Hulu viewer watched 12.7 videos, totaling 1 hour and 17 minutes of videos per viewer.
  • The duration of the average online video was 3.7 minutes.

Does anyone else feel like it's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and that some day it might have to come to a crashing halt? Sure it's only 9.7 hours average per video viewer which is less than the average weekly TV consumption for some areas of the world, but can it continue to grow at the rate it has been? Are people turning to online video instead of pay-per-view services from satellite and cable television? And really, what the heck is everyone watching?! That's what I'd like to see out of comScore in the future. Not only how much people are watching but exactly what they're watching as well.  September was a big month for the video game industry thanks to the Tokyo Game Show, I wonder if it will help fuel September and project it into the bestestest month ever.

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