Why Marketing Pros Must Attend the 2013 Video Marketing Summit

Why Marketing Pros Must Attend the 2013 Video Marketing Summit

So, the 2013 Video Marketing Summit is taking place in San Francisco on July 25-26th.  And the question came to me, "Why are we doing a summit?  Who's responsible for this?"  Well, of course, it's our founder, Mark Robertson who is responsible for this.  But I wanted to ask him some questions about the idea of this Summit, and who is going to be there, and who this Summit is intended for.  I mean, if you're interested in going you need to have some background, right?  You need to know it's worth your time.  You're not going to book that trip to San Francisco without knowing what it's all about.  That would be crazy.  An interview with our founder was in order. But before that, what video summit would be complete without a video telling you what it's all about:

Top Experts Ascend on The 2013 Video Marketing Summit

Chris Atkinson: Why is this Summit taking place? What is the purpose of this Summit?

Mark Robertson: Over the past several years, I've had the privilege of speaking at a wide range of conferences about the growing role of online video in the marketing world. However, actionable best practices are rarely a main focus of these events and yet, the appetite for such subject matter is huge. When I considered the billions of dollars that are now being spent annually by brands who are putting video at the forefront of their marketing efforts, I saw that there was a real need for a dedicated summit.

We wanted to bring together an exclusive group of talented and experienced leaders in the online video and marketing/advertising space and provide them with an interactive platform to share and demonstrate their vast knowledge of what works, as well as perhaps what can be learned from their mistakes.

The purpose is NOT to hold a symposium whereby speakers assert hypothetical theories and discuss challenges. Every one of the speakers chosen for our summit have had first-hand experience and are directly involved with online video content creation, marketing or advertising for a large business or brand.

Most of our sessions will packed with panelists who will present case studies with concrete examples of real campaign strategies and tactics. They will engage in an energetic debate about what works and constitutes a list of essential best practices in video marketing. Our purpose is to bring together, and provide, actionable knowledge to help advance the careers of professionals who depend on successful online video initiatives.

CA: Who is this Summit for?

MR: If you're involved at any level of utilizing video to market your brand, advertise your business, sell products, retain clients, educate people or simply entertain - then you should be there. Also, if I had video production or broadcast skills, I'd want to be there to learn how I could expand my service expertise. Not only will everyone gain a wealth of knowledge from the sessions and speakers but they’ll have the opportunity to rub shoulders with many of the key players in our industry.

CA: After attending this Summit, what will people realize about video that they may not already?

MR: What I can say is that the summit will be in the format of a major conversation where people will inspire and help motivate each other. I think of it as belonging to an exclusive club where we meet annually to encourage and help each other to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and exploration. I feel like I know only half of what these people have to share and I honestly look forward to engaging and discovering more.

CA: Who is speaking at the Summit and why should people listen to what they have to say?

Why Marketing Pros Must Attend the 2013 Video Marketing SummitMR: We're totally thrilled to have Suzie Reider as our opening keynote. As the Director of Media Solutions at Google and former CMO of YouTube, she spent the last 6.5 years leading the YouTube and Display sales organizations, building the base of Google’s non-search revenue. She works at the very highest level of online video marketing and advertising and has helped the world's leading brands to maximize their spend and return on investment. I can't wait to hear what she has to share about how brands can best tell their story on the world’s largest video destination site.

The rest of the day will be comprised of 7 sessions which are designed to address each aspect of an online video marketing campaign and will be composed by a who's who of our industry:

Why Marketing Pros Must Attend the 2013 Video Marketing SummitBrendan Gahan, VP of Brand Strategy at Full Screen will be heading up a session called “Content vs. Community – Which is King?.” He will be joined by Jonathan Hunt from VICE, and Bing Chen of YouTube and they will explore the nuances of the new media landscape and the role production value, YouTube stars, networks, and online communities play in manufacturing ‘hits’ online.

I don't have space here to tell you all about the other amazing sessions so I'm going to send you to our summit schedule (http://reelsummit.com/schedule/) so you can read through the celebrity list of speakers.

CA: What will this Summit have that others don't?

MR: Well, it's being produced by ReelSEO, so.... ;-)

In all seriousness though, ReelSEO has built a solid reputation in the industry through providing objective, in-depth coverage of online video trends and best practices for several years now. With that, we know the industry and we have the network to bring in the best talent.

Secondly, it’s actually two summits for the price of one. We're holding our Summit in conjunction with the 5th Annual Video Commerce Summit which is consistently attended by many of the world’s leading e-commerce retailers such as Zappos, Wallmart, REI, and Costo. I don't know of any other event that is this focused on bringing all this expertise in one place. I would want to be there even if I wasn't producing it - so it must be good!

You can register for the Reel Summit here.  The Early Bird special ends a week from Monday, on June 24.

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    This is such a powerful platform to learn on the developments and technological advancement in this important area of business. How much will it cost to attend this conference.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      Thanks. We hope to see you here. You can view pricing information here - http://reelsummit.com/about-overview/#pricing